The Oriental Metropolitan Museum

It is China’s most comprehensive site museum that displays the cultural relics of the Six Dynasties (the 3rd-6th Century), which is also the most systematic thematic museum reflecting the culture of the Six Dynasties. It exhibits numerous precious cultural relics like celadon, pottery figurines, epitaphs, as well as the remains of Jiankang City walls and large-scale drainage facilities in the Six Dynasties. In this museum, it also introduces the stories of celebrities in the Six Dynasties and expounds the themes of the Oriental metropolis from the 3rd to the 6th century in four chapters. There are four exhibition halls: “Emperor Capital of the Six Dynasties”, ” Retrospection of the Six Dynasties”, “Charming of the Six Dynasties” and “Outstanding People of the Six Dynasties.”

The overall building of The Oriental Metropolitan Museum has one basement level and three ground floors, with the highest floor reaching 24 meters. The exhibition in the basement level is divided into a City Section and a Life Section. In the city section, it mainly shows the architectural scale of Jiankang City in the Six Dynasties, while the life section uses countless cultural relics to restore people’s basic necessities during the Six Dynasties; In the first floor of the museum, it displays many precious historical relics from the Three Kingdoms Period; In the second floor of the museum, it exhibits a large number of precious cultural relics like pottery figurines, celadon, epitaphs, eaves tile and stone carvings from the Six Dynasties period.

Welcome to The Oriental Metropolitan Museum and appreciate the thousand-year cultural relics, not only can you have a beautiful artistic enjoyment, but also can feel the profound history and culture.

Opening hours: 9:00-16:30

Admission price: RMB 30