Xuzhou Junling Manor 徐州郡岭庄园

It is a modern and efficient comprehensive holiday manor that integrates cultivation, plantation, tourism and leisure.The park’s architectural style is both luxurious and elegant, with a combination of European classical garden style and modern garden design style.

In this park, it falls into the Agricultural Picking Zone, Ecological Breeding Zone, Sightseeing and Fishing Zone, Catering Resort Zone, Fitness Zone, Leisure and Entertainment Zone, Hot Spring Zone, Nursery Fruit Tree Zone and Farmyard Courtyard.At the present, which has Recreational Fishing, Hot Spring Pools (with over 20 kinds of bubbles), Happy Hale Indoor Children’s Paradise, our Farm, Kart Racing Field, Outdoor Training Base, Junling Quadrangle Courtyard (Featured Farmhouse Food + Leisure Barbecue), World Garden Scenic Spots, etc.

With the “traveling, playing, eating and living” as the core in-depth experience, the manor, in accordance with the principle of “maintaining rural originality, innovative utilization,” perfectly combines with the ecological leisure, village culture, folklore characteristic and tourism.The whole park is covered with green trees with beautiful landscapes. It is a good place for tourists to take vacations, attend various meetings, wedding banquets, sports events, family tourism and entertainment.

Address: Gelou Village, Hanwang Town, Tongshan District