The Crab Shell Yellow Baked Cake of Yongheyuan Restaurant 永和园的蟹壳黄烧饼

The predecessor of Yongheyuan Restaurant was Xueyuan Tea House firstly built in the end of the Qing Dynasty (1901) and was renamed as Yongheyuan in 1939 to operate Huaiyang dishes and Nanjing dishes.

The environment in the restaurant is antique, the taste of Huangqiao baked cake and hot beancurd strips is the first rate.

The crab shell yellow baked cake: the cake shape is similar to crab shell, its color looks like crab yellow, so it is also named as crab shall yellow. It is made by selecting rapeseed oil which is extracted by 70-80% fried rapeseed to fry pastry, which is made into multiple layers of rolls with the paste of two thirds of water, then make the stuffing by selecting refined salted dried mustard cabbage and marbled meat, spray some sesame onto the pastry, and then put into the specially made big furnace, stick to the furnace wall and take out when it is cooked.

The “crab shell yellow” just drawn from the furnace emits very strong fragrance before putting into mouth; by biting a small piece, it tastes crispy and soft, and peels off layer upon layer, filling the mouth with fragrance.

Other featured dishes of Yongheyuan Restaurant: duck blood paste soup with vermicelli, steamed dumpling filled with minced meat and chicken gravy, small adzuki bean sweet dumplings, small steamed bun dumplings, sugar taro plants and boiled salted duck

Open hours: snacks: 7:00–20:30 lunch: 11:00-13:30  dinner: 17:00-20:30

Add: 68, Jiankang Road, Fuzi Temple, Nanjing City (beside The No. 1 Scholar Tower)