It is located in the ancient Yellow River scenery zone in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

It is located in the ancient Yellow River scenery zone in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. There are nearly one hundred large and small water parks and ponds in the industrial park. The park is unique in the Yellow River Park, Riverside Park, Water Garden and Ecological Park. The design of the park features the integration of people, landscape, humanities and urban environment, it focused on combining urban history and civilization into the garden, building parks and green landscapes, and forming garden characteristics.

The park square is mainly green grass, supplemented by green trees and fragrant flowers, which is more secluded and elegant; With the double pavilions as the head, the curved bridge as the body, and they are connected and extended, just like Wolong; On the Central River Zimu Island connected by a bamboo bridge, “Crane” stands tall, and “Elks” are in groups, leaning against each other with great affection; The sightseeing boat shuttles on the water, just like a fish swimming smoothly, giving people a dynamic enjoyment.

The riverside park to the west of the Yellow River Road is a significant part of the ancient Yellow River scenery zone. The stone statues of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs in the park are vivid displayed, and colorful fountains disgorge rainbows. People come here for leisure and entertainment, and some are singing heartedly on the concert stage; Some strolled and chatted in the garden; The children are frolicking through and chasing around; The couples converse with the loving feeling under the willow trees besides the Yellow River.

As for the layout of the ancient Yellow River Forest Park along the river, it combines with the history of the ancient Yellow River, explores and displays the cultural connotation, thus building a leisure resort with strong greening, ornamentation, beautiful night scenery.

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