Walking into Jiangsu's Treasured Countryside, Feeling the Fairytale Romance in Autumn

The mountains stretch out, the fields and gardens are like a painting. If you stop, you can see the flowing clouds and hear the wind, if you walk around, you can find the best scenery on earth, which is probably the ideal and poetic life. Please go search for Jiangsu's treasured countryside, stroll through the villages, to feel the beauty of autumn.

Suzhou: In-Village Changyang Alley

In-Village Changyang Alley is located in Miaotou Village, Pingwang Town, Wujiang District, and is one of the treasured natural villages in Suzhou. The village has Xueluoyang in the east, Changyang at the back, and Huludang in the interior, with superior natural scenery and ecological environment. There are various leisure spaces and exciting recreation destinations, and it is a village-like shopping mall that integrates catering, entertainment, and fun.






Nanjing: Huashu Village

With mountains, waters and beautiful scenery, Huashu Village is beautiful all year round, especially in autumn. Huashu Village in autumn offers the sincerest welcome, and the land presents precious gifts, awakening the pure heart of people who come to vacation. Fields, ponds, Hui-style buildings, and century-old trees towering up to the sky form the charming countryside scenery.




Changzhou: Qingfeng Village

Qingfeng Village in Nandu Town, Liyang, Changzhou, is known as "the most beautiful place in southern Jiangsu where Qingfeng Village is famous for the fragrance of rice". The signature rice of the village, Nanjing Japonica Rice No. 46, has plump grains and tastes sweeter as you eat it. The Internet-famous Qingfeng steamed buns are all handmade by the villagers. Just walk a few steps in the village, you can find an influencer-endorsed store with both good look and amazing taste, and you can even lodge in a homestay when you're tired.





Yangzhou: Yanhu Village

Yanhu Village has unique natural resources. More than 16500 acres of pristine wetlands become a "bright pearl" in the landscape along the shoreline of Shaobo Lake. The fishermen by the lake not only retain the culture of beautiful southern water village, but also blend it with the bold and unconstrained character of the northerners. Their homemade dishes include river crabs, salted shrimp, blackfish soup, salted goose, salted duck eggs and other fresh aquatic products with authentic home flavor. It is really the best tastes to soothe the homesickness.