Nantong has become a new force in the textile industry, leading the development of home textiles worldwide. It also sets an example in terms of industry and trade cooperation as well as industrial agglomeration in China’s home textiles. Despite vicissitudes over the past 120 years, Nantong has developed textiles into its biggest pillar industry and industry for people's livelihood, making "the No.1 city in modern China" shine bright along the course of history.

In addition to well-developed industry, Nantong is also one of the historic cities in China, boasting many attractions such as Haohe Scenic Area, Langshan Mountain Scenic Area, Nantong Museum, Nantong Abacus Museum, and Rugao Shuihui Park etc. Nantong sits close to Shanghai and Suzhou on the other side of the Yangtze River, two most economically developed cities in China. The superior location and convenient transportation bring promising prospects to Nantong, thus the name “Shanghai on the north”.

However, the most fascinating thing here is the various handicrafts. The elegant light blue printed fabric sought-after in Japan, the special tie-dyeing process and the Banyao kites that can produce sounds, these are just the beginning of a handicraft journey.