Come to Dayangwan and Go Back to the Prosperous Tang Dynasty

Do you want to go back to the Tang Dynasty and experience the prosperous times? You can travel back to Chang'an in the Tang Dynasty and experience the splendor of the Tang Dynasty by going to Tangduli in Dayangwan. This is Yancheng's first immersive Tang-style food street integrating Tang-style marketplace, themed immersive interaction, Tang music and dance, cultural and social experience, Tang-style cultural creation, and local specialties.


Night tour is a major feature of Tangduli block. When the lanterns are lit and the lights are shining brightly, you may appreciate Tang arts, listen to Tang music, taste Tang-style food, experience Tang customs, buy Tang-style goods and gifts, and start the wonderful night life in the prosperous Tang Dynasty!



Dazzling Display of the Prosperous Tang Dynasty

The moment you enter the block, you travel back through time and space to the Tang Dynasty, and the Tang-style buildings and lights are dazzling to form a dreamlike picture scroll.


You may rent a Tang costume and walk along the Tang-style street, and you will be amazed by the splendid architecture. Everywhere you look is red, and the whole street is in the Tang Dynasty’s architectural style, so you can feast your eyes on the grandeur of the street.




The Tastes of Shangshan Street

Shangshan Street is a long street that combines northern and southern flavors and cuisine. In the street, the smells of spicy lobster, Xinjiang barbecue, beer and other foods are irresistible. People get together, make friends through enjoying food, while bursts of laughter fill the street. This is the vibes of the Tang Dynasty nowhere to be found.  


Sweet, salty, spicy ... as long as you have a big enough appetite, you can eat all night long here. Join up with a few friends, eating big chunks of meat, drinking profusely while barbecuing and chatting, it’s double enjoyment.



Dancing with Colorfully Beautiful Clothes

In the shows “Dancing with Colorfully Beautiful Clothes”, “Dunhuang Performance”, and “Lotus Fairy”, performers dressed in their finery perform professionally to add excitement to the night. In the city of Chang'an, the colorful dresses, the singing and dancing in celebration of peace, and the ancient performances seem to bring you back to the Zhenguan period a thousand years ago!



There are different shows in different times of the day. Beautifully dressed performers dance with the joyful rhythm, and their graceful moves blend with the music, you will be intoxicated unknowingly.