The New Attractions of Nanjing, the Best Photogenic Places for Fun Seekers and Social Media!

When it comes to the most popular cities in 2023, Nanjing is sure to be one of them. The ancient capital of six dynasties has many great places worth visiting. Just stroll in the "half history of the Republic of China" in the Yihe Road, visit the poetic Xuanwu Lake, go to the millennium-old Linggu Temple, encounter the forest elves – fireflies, etc. In addition, Nanjing also has a lot of new fashionable attractions perfect for pictures and social media, let’s take a look!

D9 Block

The memories in the old factory still shines brightly today. Hidden in the corner of General Yang Lane, D9 Block has a special style. As you walk around and immerse yourself in it, half of it is the memories of history, and the other half is the creativity injected by modern structures. The low-key architecture and the free souls are a perfect match for life and art here.



Music Mall

With the theme of "cat", the block integrates cats into many images of classic movie and TV drama, with cat sculptures of different shapes and styles that are super cute and pleasing. The block features noodle shops, milk tea shops, barbecue and seafood restaurants, reading spaces, cat cafes and other stores, all of which are suitable for killing time, parent-child time, or meeting and chatting with friends.



Jinling Style

Located at the junction of Purple Mountain and Xuanwu Lake, adjacent to Nanjing Railway Station, Jinling Style has an underground parking space up to 6.6 meters high, which can accommodate large tour buses. Various shopping and catering brands on the ground can satisfy the needs for comfortable shopping, so that tourists leave a deep impression on the city when coming to Nanjing the first time.