Walking out of the North Gate Street of Yangzhou, crossing the “Wenyue Bridge” and going down a small slope to the south, one can see the famous “Yechun Teahouse”.There are many trees, water, bridges and pavilions in the natural landscape garden. Nevertheless, seldom have they ingeniously combined the natural beauties. The Yechun Garden shows the best example, it seems that people can place themselves in the World of Poetry and Painting in Yechun Teahouse. Yechun tea house is a well-known old shop with a hundred years’ history, the pastry tastes delicious and looks beautiful.


The tea “Kui Longzhu” sold by Yechun Teahouse is made from Zhulan in Yangzhou, Longjing in Zhejiang and Kuizhen in Anhui. The color is as green as jade, with mellow quality and fragrant taste, which is wonderful.

In addition, it mainly provides customers with Huaiyang fine cuisine, snacks, and concurrently offers meals.The “four color pot cake” is the most typical pastry.Four colors refer to sweetened bean paste, jujube mud, crystal, scallion oil, crisp and refreshing, sweet and salty.Other gourmets like Huangqiao Sesame Pancake, Scallion Oil Baked Bun, Huizhou Pancake, Yangzhou Kan-ssu and other varieties, all have strict selection of materials with the unique processing method. These foods have a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste, with strong local characteristics, which won customers’ deep affection.

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