Yangzhou is a 2500-year-old cultural city with many cultural treasures over a long period of time. Yangzhou “three knives” Cultural Zone that includes Yangzhou Huaiyang Cuisine Culture Museum, Yangzhou Traditional Pedicure Museum, and Yangzhou Hairdressing Museum is located next to the Slender West Lake Scenic Area. After visiting Slender West Lake, visitors can enter the museums and feel the charm of Yangzhou’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Yangzhou Huaiyang Cuisine Culture Museum: There is not only the morning tea, but also the Huaiyang cuisine of Yangzhou intangible cultural heritage!

Yangzhou Traditional Pedicure Museum: Yangzhou traditional pedicure is a national-level intangible cultural heritage. The Yangzhou people living along the water turned a small pedicure knife into a practical art, making their exquisiteness and attention to the extreme.

Yangzhou Hairdressing Museum: Yangzhou’s barber industry, together with Northeast of China, Hubei, and Guangzhou, is known as China’s four major barber schools. The Yang School is famous for its gentle knife technique, fine cutting, and delicate operation.

Address: Pedestrian Street, Changchun Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou

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