Yangshan juicy peach is a local special product in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province and China’s national geographic indication product. 

The juicy peach is big and nice-looking, its peel is tough but easy to strip off, it emits very strong nice smell with much juice and sweet taste, and gets digested upon into mouth, so it enjoys the reputation as “the flesh made by water”. The early Yangshan juicy peach variety comes into market from the end of May and around July, Hujing peach of top sweet level also comes into market abundantly.

Yangshan enjoys warm and moist climate, has distinct seasons, abundant sunshine and rain fall and has a very long frost-free period. The soils in Yangshan are deep and fertile, contain very rich acid volcanic ash and multiple microelements, so it is especially suitable for juicy peach growing.

Nutrition value

The nutrition value of juicy peach: no matter for flat peach or juicy peach, they both have sweet flesh, abundant juice and rich iron and can enhance hemoglobin quantity to human body; ancient people said it was able to “benefit looking” by eating peach frequently and this might be the reason. The protein content of juicy peach is double to that of apple and grape and is 7 times more than that of pear. Its iron content is 3 times more than that of apple and 5 times than pear, so it is called as “the fruit queen” in domestic and foreign fruit markets.

Medical value

As for the value of peach, besides that its flesh can nourish blood and beauty, the peach kernel inside has the effect to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, calm panting and suppress cough. While the glue flowed from peach trees is a kind of miraculous cure that can not only enhance and nourish body, but also adjust sugar content of blood. Fresh peach also has the effect to care skin. In the imperial secret recipe, peach blossoms were boiled in water and used to clean face, have a batch and drink. Further, it is said that peach is extracted for the juice and used to clean face together with rice washing water so as to moisten skin.

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