Xima Terrace is located at the highest point of Hubu Mountain in the central district of Xuzhou. It is one of Xuzhou's most famous historic sites. 

Xima Terrace is located at the highest point of Hubu Mountain in the central district of Xuzhou. It is one of Xuzhou’s most famous historic sites. In 206 BC, Xiang Yu, the peerless hero, became the overlord of the Western Chu state after he defeated the Qin. He made his capital Pengcheng (now Xuzhou). In the south of the city, there is a Nanshan mountain, which looks like a terrace and is named as a terrace for horse-training, martial arts and military parade.

Various dynasties in history built many buildings on the site of Xima Terrace. As time passes by, the old buildings have been obliterated. After the reconstruction of the bureau of parks and woods in the 1980s, Xima Terrace built an antique building complex that imitated the Qing building to welcome tourists from home and abroad.

The ancient Xima Terrace has a rigorous structure, well-proportioned layout and majestic dignity. The front area is composed of two groups of magnificent antique royal buildings, showing the solemn and stirring life of Western Chu overlord with rich materials. The back area, situated at the foot of the mountain, is designed as a 100-meter long corridor engraved with ancient poems, which can edify tourists and enlighten them during the tour.

Famous trees and different plants are planted in the scenic spot, and there are also scenic spots such as Hegemony Cauldron, Chongjiu Terrace, Wuya Tank, Horse Pile, Xiang Yu’s Arsenal, Stone of Heros, etc, which make Xima Terrace scenic spot dense and spectacular.   Since the opening up, tourists have been visiting continuously. It has become a hot spot on the domestic tourism network of Xiang Yu and is also an outstanding representative of the Chu-Han culture in Xuzhou City.

Tickets: 20 yuan

Opening hours: 8: 00-17: 00

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