It is located in Yunlong Lake Scenic Area with beautiful scenery, which is near the mountain and by the river with elegant environment. The floor area covers over 20000 m2 and 8000 m2 of floor area. It is mainly composed of  South Pavilion and North pavilion.

Xuzhou Art Museum of Han Dynasty’s Portrait and Stone is a topic museum that focuses on the exhibition, collection and research Han Dynasty Stone Portraits, which is rated as Jiangsu Province Outstanding Museum, National 4A Level Scenic Spots, National Level II Museum.

Xuzhou is the concentrated land for China’s Han Dynasty Stone Portraits. Xuzhou’s Han Dynasty Stone Portraits, together with Nanjing’s Six Dynasties Stone Carvings and the Ming qing Garden(traditional gardens) in Suzhou were collectively called as “Three Treasures in Jiangsu” Xuzhou’s stone sculpture has rich subject matter and extensive contents, including myths and legends, historical stories, and real life story, and it also contains the politics, economy, ideology, culture, folk custom, etc. of Han Dynasty, which is a epitome of Han Dynasty Society and a history book of the Han Dynasty.

North pavilion building of the Art Museum is a Building Imitation of Han and Tang Dynasties, the exhibited works were choicest stone-reliefs explored and discovered from the late Qing Dynasty to 1989. The south pavilion is the main exhibition area, and comprehensively reflects the collection, research and artistic level of Xuzhou’s Han dynasty stone portraits, which enable the audience to all-around understand the Xuzhou’s Han dynasty stone portraits. Meanwhile, the function setting of south pavilion is more in conformity with the modern life habits,because it increased the multi-function hall, viewing platform , giving the audience a broader space, making it a new thematic museum that contains high technology content with new ways of presentation.

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