As “the Name Card of National Tourism” and “provincial tourism resort”, WuJin Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort is located on the coast of beatiful Taihu

As “the Name Card of National Tourism” and “provincial tourism resort”, WuJin Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort is located on the coast of beatiful Taihu, the east of which is Wuxi Lingshan Scenic Spot Tourism Resort, and the west pottery capital, Yixing. The planning area of the whole tourist resort reaches 30 square kilometers. The resort is mainly in hilly, and the atmospheric environment up to the national level standards, therefore the environment is exquisite and the plants thrive. The specialties such as “Taihu Three Whites”, Yang Lake juicy peach and Yang Lake Crescent tea have long enjoyed a good reputation.

The tourism resort has now completed a series of scenic spots like the Global animation joyland, the China Xiao Dao Park, the national Dragon Boat Competition Base, Zhushan Lake Town, Cloud tribal Resort. Taihu Bay has has long history and profound cultural deposits. There are many historical sites in the resort, such as the ruins of HeLv city during the Warring States era, lue Temple from Jin Dynasty, and Guishan Academy from Song Dynasty. You can also enjoy the modern scenic spots here, for instance, The early revolutionary activist Dong Yixiang’s memorial monument, and United Nations World Cultural Celebrities, Wu Zhihui, the inventor of the Chinese phonetic alphabet’s former residence.


The Global Animation Joyland:嬉戏谷

As a national 4A tourist attraction, the Global animation joyland is the first theme park which integrates cartoon art and game culture as one in the world.

The first phase project includes many themed areas such as “Mole World”, “Legend World ”,“Universe of Starcraft”,“Terrain of Magic”, “The Island of Mystery”, “Temple Mount”. So far, the park has received millions of tourists from home and abroad.

The second phase project, the Joyland sea, includes the East China super “Perfect Water World” which jointly built by the game giant “PERFECT WORLD” will open in July and August. It will form the three themes Interactive entertainment experience areas with “Roco Kingdom” that children could experience offline, and adventurous “Fantacy Forest”.

Entertainment and advanced technology perfectly. It shows a world that full of mysteries, transcending realities, imaginations and explorations to visitors through the performance of virtual scene animation game to local live.

The China Xiao Dao Park:中华孝道园

The China Xiao Dao Park is located on Lue Bay,the most beautiful bay of the Taihu lake seven bays. The park covers a total area of 860 mu, facing the Taihu lake, leaning against lue mountain chain.

The China Xiao Dao Park is the first filial piety cultural large scenic spot in our country, and also the only filial temple. The only three Guanyin in the country, the first grotto in the south of yangtze river and the first ancestral hall of hundred familynames in the south of yangtze river are all in this park. Besides, the park has other three treasures to let visitors feel the three cultures of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and to know how to ask, to see, to know, to understand, and benignity.

National Dragon Boat Competition Base:全国龙舟竞赛基地

The national Dragon Boat Competition Base is located on the southwest position of Taihu Lake Bay Tourist Resort. Wujin Taihu lake bay was awarded as” the national Dragon Boat Competition Base” by the Leisure Sports Administrative Center of the General Administration of sport of China and China Dragon Boat Association in May 2008 .

There are standard dragon boat races and permanent eco stands in the base. Standard dragon boat race is about 2.8 meters deep, 500 meters long, of which there are 4 main channels, and 1 subchannel for refree use. Every year the base holds the top-level Chinese Dragon Boat Competition which is the highest level, the highest competitive level, the highest total prize, the most influential in the country. CCTV Sports Channel brings on complete live videos reports. Among those competitions, the base has successfully held domestic and international dragon boat races for 9 consecutive years, such as” Wanze Cup”, “Jiuzhou Cup” and “Kuangda Cup”. The international dragon boat race will be held here in 2016

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