Xiaojiaxiang, Shuangtang Village, Fenghuang Town is surrounded by mountains and rivers where tea fields are interdependent, villages are scattered, natural landscape is beautiful. Heyang culture here is long-standing, and ecological environment is outstanding. Therefore “mountains, rivers, food, tea and culture” are characteristic here.

In recent years, by taking advantage of Intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural Square, Rural Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, Heyang Cultural Square, Zhuozhu Stage, Flower Sea of Phoenix Mountain, Farmhouse, and Heyang Cultural Corridor, Xiaojiaxiang Ideal Village is gradually built into a rural intangible cultural heritage village in Heyang featuring “delicacies are fragrant for ten miles, rural custom lasts for a hundred years”.

In Xiaojiaxiang Tofu Mill, you can experience the making skills of Gaozhuang tofu, an intangible cultural heritage of Zhangjiagang City. The village has developed intangible cultural heritage tourist routes, set up school-based intangible cultural heritage courses for children, provided intangible cultural heritage performances and held intangible cultural heritage folk song performances, traditional Kunqu opera performances, Heyang intangible cultural heritage night market, open-air movie projection themed “Good Time in Summer”, flower sea music performances of ““Flower Field Adventure” and outdoor highlights of “Painting and Calligraphy in Beautiful Countryside”. These art forms illustrate small household affairs in Xiaojiaxiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Rural Village and represent the intangible cultural heritage rural culture.

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