The eighth season of “Jiangsu super fun” ended with good fortune,21 homestays in Jiangsu that must be visited.《江苏超好玩》第八季福气收官,21家江苏民宿吃土也要住!

On January 17, Jiangsu Provincial Department of culture and tourism, a famous brand activity named "Jiangsu super fun" —— Jiangsu homestay, ended with good fortune!

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot spring Resort 溧阳天目湖御水温泉度假酒店

Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot spring Resort the perfect luxury experience, with unique MINI bar with the real experience of shower room, exquisite detail, the restraint of luxury, encounter a unique holiday memories.

“Jiangsu Super Fun” New Year’s gift, take you to play in Jiangsu Homestay《江苏超好玩》新年巨献,苏大脸带你遨游江苏民宿江湖

In the eighth season of "Jiangsu Super Fun" takes you to experience the popular homestays in 13 cities of Jiangsu.

Yun Shui Jian B&B, Jiangning, Nanjing 南京江宁云水涧民宿

The B&B here have various styles, including wooden houses, RVs, and container homestays. The design is closely linked to the themes of farms, countryside, and ecology to restore the most authentic nature.

Crowne Plaza Changshu 常熟中江广场皇冠假日酒店

Crowne Plaza Changshu is in Zhongjiang Plaza, Xincheng District, less than 5 minutes' walk to Changshu International Exhibition Centre and Changshu Sports Centre.

Tianming International Grand Hotel 常熟金陵天铭国际大酒店

Tianming International Grand Hotel is located in Changshu CBD, the political and financial center.

Jin Jiang International Hotel Taicang 太仓锦江国际大酒店

Jin jiang International Hotel Taicang is located in Taicang Economic Development Zone.

Jinling Garden Hotel Taicang 太仓花园酒店

Jinling Garden Hotel Taicang is the first international five-star hotel in Taicang.

Haiyatt Garden Hotel Suzhou Wujiang 苏州吴江海悦花园大酒店

Covering an area of 90 acres, Haiyatt Garden Hotel Suzhou Wujiang is a 22-storey building, which was designed by a well-known designer team.