Jiangnan Universal Port Hotel Cruise Hotel 江南环球港游轮酒店

It is a luxury resort hotel with the theme of the cruise and ocean. 

Nanjing Huaji Hotel 南京花迹酒店

It is situated in No.52, Zhongying, East Zhonghua Gate, Nanjing, and is hidden in the ancient homestead complex within the buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the Republic of China in East Zhonghua Gate.

Huai’an Yuncanghai Guesthouse 淮安云仓海民宿

The Yuncanghai Guesthouse perfectly integrates the fish culture, farming culture, river work culture and diet culture.

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing 南京卓美亚酒店

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing is situated in the Nanjing New Landmark, namely, the building which is 316 m away from the north side of "Twin Towers" of Hexi New District International Youth Culture Center.

Suzhou Wuhao Wenyi Hotel 苏州五号文艺酒店

Suzhou Wuhao Wenyi Hotel is located in Pingjiang Historic District of Suzhou. 

Yangzhou Fangcun Inn 扬州方寸客栈

Yangzhou Fangcun Inn is a very distinctive inn in a historical and cultural street. With its unique Chinese Zen style, the inn highlights the local characteristics.

Dafeng Peninsula Spring International Hotel 盐城大丰半岛温泉酒店

Dafeng Peninsula Spring International Hotel is designed and built in accordance with international five-star hotel standards.

Suqian Canal Jinling Grand Hotel 宿迁运河金陵大饭店

Suqian Canal Jinling Grand Hotel is the largest upscale hotel in Suqian.

Lianyungang Sucheng Bajianfang B &B 连云港宿城八间房民宿

Tourists from all over the country have passed the Yuntaishan Scenic Area on the sea, staying in the Bajianfang B & B group, away from the noise of the city.