At present, Taizhou TCM health tourism has formed a system, and Taizhou has won the title of China Health Tourism Demonstration Base and National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Unit.

  • Taihetang TCM Clinic

Taihetang TCM Clinic situates in the Zhou’s residence, the “No. 1 Mansion in Taizhou”, in the southwest corner of Daohe Ancient Street District, a famous scenic spot in Taizhou City. With exquisitely carved windows and well-decorated rooms, this quaint Chinese mansion is also worth visiting as a sightseeing spot.

Taihetang TCM Hospital is divided into three areas: the TCM Culture exhibition area, the TCM rehabilitation experience area, and the TCM medicated diet area. The TCM Culture exhibition area displays TCM-related calligraphy and painting, writings, pharmaceutical tools, and various rare medicinal herbs and specimens; visitors can seek advice and ask for conditioning prescriptions from famous doctors in the TCM rehabilitation experience area, and experience traditional Chinese health conditioning techniques such as moxibustion therapy and massage; in the TCM medicated diet area, visitors can taste and purchase health-enhancing medicated diets, as well as rare souvenirs such as authentic Chinese herbal medicine wine, cream formula, and Chinese herbs pillow.

Address: No.17, Hanxi Street, Hailing District, Taizhou City

  • Massage

Massage refers to the physical therapy performed by herbalist doctors by pressing meridians and acupoints with different techniques. In daily life, massage has functions such as reducing fatigue, beautifying and helping with losing weight, and improving immunity. It can also be used to treat neuralgia, muscle aches, and stomach diseases.

  • Moxibustion

Moxibustion refers to a naturopathy that ignites an incense stick made of wormwood to smoke and warm the acupoints to condition the human body. This method is often used by female for body conditioning, as it has the effects of removing freckle, acne, and weight loss.

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