Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued the iconic cultural tourism product list of “Top 100 Scenes along the Grand Canal”, for which there are 6 categories: tourist attractions, cultural recreation, culture and history museums and venues, typical villages and towns for tourists, tour itineraries and the Red Tourism.

The 100 Scenes as tourism products provide tourists with experience of the Grand Canal in terms of tour and sightseeing, leisure and holidays, etc.; they can best represent the typical lifestyle, manners and customs of locals; they feature cultural landmarks and related cultural characterizes with a good reputation. Let’s check the table for the full list.

City Top 100 Scenes along the Grand Canal


Nanjing Mendong Historical and Cultural Block (East of South Gate/Zhonghua Gate of Nanjing), Five-thousand-meter Qinhuai River Cruise of Nanjing, Nanjing Chenguang 1865 Culture and Creativity Park, Lishui Midou Music Festival of Nanjing, and Gaochun Ceramics Cultural Tourism Base of Nanjing,
Suzhou Shi Lake Scenic Area in Suzhou, Museum of Wu in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, Baodai Bridge Park in Suzhou, Wangting Canal Park of Suzhou, Hushu Pass Ancient Town of Suzhou, Panmen Scenic Area of Suzhou, Historic and Cultural Conservation Area of Pingjiang Ancient Alley, Ancient Canal Tour Encircling Suzhou, Feng (Maple) Bridge Scenic Area of Suzhou, and Huqiu Hill Scenic Area of Suzhou
Wuxi Qingming Bridge and the Ancient Canal Historical Block, Wuxi (the site of kilns included), the Ancient Canal Tourism Route (Red Tourism and night tour included), Donglin Academy of Wuxi, “Morning Tea” offered in Huishan Ancient Town and Canal Area, Hongshan Ruins Museum in Wuxi, Yixing Shu Mountain and Gunan Street in Wuxi, Night Fair at the Canal in Wuxi, Nanchan Temple Scenic Area in Wuxi, Leisure Bund of the Grand Canal in Wuxi, Bodu River Cultural Park in Wuxi, Baita Village in Yixing, Wuxi, Lianghong National Wetland Park in Wuxi
Changzhou Changzhou Hongmei Park, Anji Village at the Grand Canal, Changzhou, Sanbao Street Cultural and Tourism Block, Changzhou, Changzhou Three Heroes Memorial Hall, Red and Industry Tourism along the Grand Canal, Jingkai District, Canal 5 Creation Block at the Grand Canal, Changzhou, Tianning Temple Scenic Area, Changzhou, Qingguo Lane Historic and Cultural Block, China Spring and Autumn Period Yancheng Tourist Area
Zhenjiang Xijindu Historic and Cultural Block in Zhenjiang, Research & Study Route of the Cultural Belt along the Grand Canal in Zhenjiang, Mao Mountain Memorial Hall for New Fourth Army in Jurong, Zhenjiang, Vinegar Culture Museum in Zhenjiang, Dingzhuang Village, Jurong, Zhenjiang, 36 Seasons Boutique Inns, Baoyan Ancient Town, Zhenjiang, Danyang Vogue Glasses Town, Zhenjiang, Wutao Village, Dantu District in Zhenjiang
Yangzhou Culture Park to Commemorate the Late Battle against Japanese Intruders in Gaoyou, Yangzhou, Gudu (Ancient Cross) Park, Guazhou, Yangzhou, Fenghuang (Phoenix) Island Ecotourism Area, Sanwan Eco-culture Park in Yanghzou, Yuchengyi Scenic Area, Gaoyou, Yangzhou, Wang Zengqi Memorial Hall, Gaoyou, Yangzhou, Quyuan (Fun Garden) Teahouse, Cruise on the Grand Canal in Yangzhou, Shaobo Ancient Town, Yangzhou, China Grand Canal Museum, China, Slender West Lake Scenic Area
Nantong Nantong Museum, Tangjiazha Industrial Culture and History Ruins Tourist Area, Shuihui Garden, Rugao, Nantong Park, Zhang Jian Cultural Tourism Area, Nantong, Yudong Ancient Town, Nantong, Bencha Ancient Town, Nantong
Taizhou New Fourth Army’s Huangqiao Battle Memorial Hall, Taixing, Taizhou, Fengcheng River Scenic Area, Taizhou
Yancheng Live Show of Tian Xian Yuan in Xixi, Dongtai, Yancheng, Anfeng Ancient Town in Dontai, Yancheng, Memorial Site where Eighth Route Army and New Fourth Army Joined Forces, Yancheng
Huai’an Tourism Town of River Labors, Jiangba, Huai’an, Ming Tomb Tourist Area, Huai’an, Lotus Marsh Scenic Area in Jin Lake, Huai’an, Top Mountain Scenic Area in Xuyi, Huai’an, Gao Jiayan Cultural Tourism, Canal Cultural and Culinary Center at Imperial Wharf, China Water Transportation Museum, Cultural Corridor at Qingjiangpu Scenic Area, Li Canal, Huai’an, Qingyan Park Scenic Area, Huai’an, Tourism Area of Premiere Zhou En’lai’s Former Residence, Huai’an (Hexia Ancient Town included) and Guyan Scenic Area, Hongze Lake, Huai’an
Suqian Scenic Area of Dragon King’s Place, Suqian, Yanghe Baijiu Culture and Tourism Area, King Xiang Yu’s Former Residential Area, Santai Mountain National Forest Park, Suqian, Water Conservation Site Museum of Suqian, Baijiu Capital Cultural Park, Suqian, Ancient Granary Cultural Creation Park on the Mid-Canal River, Canal Bay Park, Suqian, North Suqian Battle Site Park, Suqian, Dongguankou Historic and Cultural Park, Suqian
Lianyungang Tourism Area of Lianyungang Kangyuan Modern TCM Health Industry Park, Seaside Leisure and Holiday Tourism Area of Lianyungang, Anti-Japanese Mountain Scenic Area, Lianyungang
Xuzhou Xinyi Yaowan Ancient Town, Xuzhou (Water Cruise Route on the Canal included), Mazhuang Village, Jiawang District, Xuzhou, Hubu Mountain Historic and Cultural Street, Xuzhou, Pan’an Water Town, Jiawang District, Xuzhou, Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese Canal Troupe in Jiawang District, Anzhuang Fishery Village, Pei County, Xuzhou, Aishan Mountain Area, Pizhou, Xuzhou, Qiandao Wetland Scenic Area of Pei County, Xuzhou

Source: Charm of Jiangsu, A Better Place with You

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