It is a vast ocean when tide rises, but a flat wetland after tide falls. The contrast between the two scenes makes it an ideal place to enjoy the sunrise and the tidal bore and collect shells. Also, it has become one of the most wonderful landscape in Yancheng.


The Mirror of the Sky at Sunrise

When you come to the shore at Jianggang, a town in Yancheng, in the early morning, you will see that there appears fish-belly white at the edge of the sky, rosy clouds gradually show up on the other side of the sea, and mudflats are quietly “dyed” golden. Under the golden light of sunrise, old boats got stranded aground, adding a touch of vitality to the mudflats where sea is connected to the sky, thus outlining the charm of Tiaozini Wetlands scenic area at Jianggang.

Groups of fishermen get up early and step into mudflats when the tide falls, accepting the selfless gifts of the sea and performing the most ancient fishermen’s activities in the shadow of the water and sky. At this time, you can roll up pant legs, bring with you a small shovel, and carry a basket to follow them into the beach, so as to have a close contact with the ocean. It will be a unique experience to pick up shells and crabs swept ashore by the sea in the mud.


However, it is worth noticing that the tide rises fast, and the waves are huge and swift, so you need to enter the beach under the guidance of the fishermen and pay much attention to your own safety.


Migratory Birds at Sunset

Bird watching is a way of natural travel. You can temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of city life by viewing the posture and behavior of birds and listening to their singing in the wild. Tiaozini Wetlands is an important “post” on the migration route from East Asia to Australia, because more than 300,000 migratory birds of over 200 species would gather here every spring and autumn to have a rest. As a result, Dongtai’s Tiaozini Wetlands has always been a world-class bird-watching mecca.


Food at Jianggang

Jianggang is located on the beautiful and fertile coast of the Yellow Sea and is recognized by UNESCO as one of the most amazing fishing ports around the world. Solens, the “king of seafood”, are large and thin-shelled. Clams, the “world’s most delicious”, are rich in nutrients. Mactra veneriformis are fat and tasty. Sea mudsnails, portunids, small yellow croakers, moray eels, and so on, are all there for your choices.

When the sun goes down, even the slowest travelers start to return to their daily life. While the moon is up, you can stroll around under the silver light, enjoy the scenic spots on the fishing harbor, find memories and excitement moments in the aroma of stir-fried food along the street, and treat your gluttonous stomach to a good meal. “Food at Jianggang” will be the best summary and highlight for the one-day tour at Tiaozini here.


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