Following the winding mountain road, contiguous tea forests are hidden in the depth of the smoky mountains, where wisps of fragrance are floating in the wind. Thousands of acres of tea gardens are dotted with thousands of trees of cherry blossoms. Surrounded by the green mountains is the clear water of Tianmu Lake wrinkled by the spring breeze, stunning the countless tourists with its unparalleled glamour.

The six-part activity of Spring Tea Tour, which is composed of tea brewing performance, tea picking, tea dancing performance, tea workshop, tea tasting, and the appreciation of tea rhyme, is currently on the go. Visitors can experience tea picking, tea making, and tea tasting while enjoying the special performance of tea brewing and tea dance for free. The fresh aroma of tea, the sweetness of desserts, and the tastes of various seasonal snacks will bring an exceptional experience of spring for your taste buds

The freshness of the spring tea can even touch the boundless moonlight of the spring. In the Hydrangea Island Tea Garden, a tea lady will take you to pick tea for free. With the tea leaves collected, visitors can learn to make tea from a professional tea-maker. Stirring the tea leaves in the pot, every step of tea-making bears hidden knowledge. The fun is overwhelming to brewing a pot of tea with the tea leaves picked and processed.

Time of Event: April 1st – May 31st

Venue: Tianmu Lake Scenic Spot

In addition to tea tours, visitors can also participate in VIP tea tours and customized tours for a premium experience.

Source: Red Nanjing

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