Tianmu Lake Scenic Area is a national AAAAA-class tourist attraction, which includes the Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden, South Hill Bamboo Sea, and Yu Shui Hot Spring.

Tianmu Lake Landscape Park, the core scenic spot of Tianmu Lake Tourist Resort, is the essence of the poetic and picturesque natural landscape of Tianmu Lake. In the 320 square kilometers of beautiful landscape, the forest vegetation coverage is up to 95%, and the average negative ion content is more than 15 times higher than that of city areas. It boasts clean lake water, a stretch of hills and peaks, a great variety of ancient and precious trees, exotic flowers and weeds, and dozens of wild animals. Its representative scenic spots include Hulishan (hill in the lake), Longxing Island, and Chinese Tea Island, etc.South Hill Bamboo Sea in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province is a national AAAAA-class tourist attraction. South Hill Bamboo Sea Scenic Area is divided into five functional areas, namely: Jinghu Lake Entertainment Area, Leisure and Entertainment Area, Historical and Cultural Area, Shou (Longevity) Culture Area, and Mountaineering Tour Area. The main attractions include: Jinghu Lake, Bird Paradise, Old Official Road, The No. 1 Shouxing in China, Wuyue Diyi Peak, and Blessing Bell-Striking, etc. To make the tour more enjoyable, the scenic area has specially launched three classic tourist routes: such as fitness trip, joy trip and leisure trip. The upper and lower section of the scenic area is 2 kilometers long. You can take the eco-friendly sightseeing car in the scenic area to enjoy the bamboo scenery along the way, which is fast and relaxing. After arriving at the Shou (Longevity) Culture Area, if you choose the classic tourist route of South Hill Bamboo Sea, you can take a cable car to reach the Wuyue Diyi Peak, which is 508 meters above sea level. In this rather relaxing and pleasant journey, you can experience passing through the bamboo tip and “Everything turns smaller when you are standing high”. Here you can also breathe the exclusive quality air of South Hill and enjoy the harmony between human and nature.Yu Shui Hot Spring, a national AAAAA-class tourist attraction and a national five-star hot spring, is adjacent to the vast South Hill Bamboo Sea, so it is a hot spring in bamboo forests worthy of the name. It is a scarce type of calcium bicarbonate hot spring with drinkable water. In the scenic area, gurgling water flows beneath little bridges from mountains, surrounded by towering ancient trees and the vast bamboo sea, with 60 hot spring pools scattered here and there. It creates an artistic conception of bathing in the clouds above the bamboo sea. It is a preferred destination for hot spring SPA, leisure and vacation.

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