Traditional Chinese painting pigment making skill 传统国画颜料制作技艺

The traditional Chinese painting pigment making skill (Jiang Sixu Shop traditional Chinese painting pigment making skill)

Suzhou Luzhi Water Town Women’s Wear 苏州甪直水乡妇女服饰

Suzhou Luzhi water town women’s wear, with a very long history of some thousand years and very rich cultural connotation, is the outstanding representative of the Han Nationality people’s wear

Suzhou Colored-lantern Making 苏州灯彩制作技艺

The craft of Suzhou Colored-lantern Making is very exquisite, and the picture is rich and colorful. With landscape and figures, birds and animals, flowers and plants, fish and insects painted

Kite Making Skill (Nantong board snipe kite) 南通板鹞风筝制作技艺

As one of China’s top four kite origin places, Nantong is rich of board snipe kite, which is the one and the only one nationwide.

Yangzhou Writing Bush Making Skill

Yangzhou writing bush making skill is quite particular by using natural raw materials and complicated craft.

Fuchun Tea Cake Making Craft 富春茶点制作技艺

The forming skills are multiple for Fuchun tea cake, while “wrapping” and “holding between the fingers” are the forte skills of pastry cooks

Yangzhou Garden Creation Skill 扬州园林创作技艺

Yangzhou style stone laying is widely applied in the creation process, either for creating danger or showing dynamic status in an airy manner, and is called as “hollow in the middle and odd outside”.

Salt Making Skill (Huai Salt Making Skill) 淮盐制作技艺

There are over 10 working procedures for the whole process which are purely manual, but contain very rich scientific technology gene, so it is the intangible culture of historical culture value.

Yangzhou Qingqu 扬州清曲

Yangzhou Qingqu, from Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is one of the ancient and influential traditional song arts in Jiangsu area.