Malt Sugar Making Skill

Guancheng Village hand-made malt sugar at Gaochun District, Nanjing City has had a history of almost 200 years.

Dancing Horse-keeper Performance 跳马夫

The dancing horse-keeper performance is a kind of Chinese traditional sacrifice dancing which is popular in Yudong area, Jiangsu Province.

Dragon Dancing (Zhixi Giant Dragon) 龙舞(直溪巨龙)

The dragon dancing at Juncun, Zhixi Village, Jintan, Changzhou is most typical.

Xuzhou Sachet 徐州香囊

Sachet, is also named as “body sachet”, “perfume sachet” and “perfume cloth bag” etc.

Yangzhou Embroidery 扬州刺绣

Yangzhou embroidery is a traditional craft popular in Yangzhou area and belongs to the same type of Suzhou embroidery technology

Zhenjiang Hengshun Aromatic Vinegar Brewing Skill 镇江恒顺香醋制作技艺

Created in 1840, Zhenjiang Hengshun aromatic vinegar brewing skill is a local traditional handwork vinegar brewing skill in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province and has a history of over 160 years.

The gold and silver fine workmanship 南京宝庆银楼金银细工制作技艺

With long standing, this workmanship has a history of over 3,000 years.

Pizhou Traditional New Year Painting 邳州年画

As a traditional folk custom culture, Pizhou traditional new year painting was originated from the folk painting and carving picture development in Pizhou area

Nanjing Baiju Opera 南京白局

Nanjing Baiju Opera is an old opera in Nanjing area, “Nanjing tune” in the Yuan Dynasty style operas is the old and original one in Baiju Opera