China International Home Textile City 海门市叠石桥国际家纺馆·家纺产业旅游区

China International Home Textile City is located in the" China Textile embroidery towns", the country's largest textile industrial cluster -- Jiangsu Haimen Industrial park

Yangzhou Living Mall

Yangzhou Living Mall leisure tourism area is an ecological and water-loving modern leisure tourism industry demonstration point of brand-new concept that is multiple purposed including tourism, business, commerce, leisure and accommodation etc.

Changzhou Global Dinosaur Town 常州环球恐龙城

Changzhou Global Dinosaur Town is a shining business card for foreign exchanges of Changzhou.

Donghai Crystal Culture Tourist Area 东海水晶文化旅游区

China Donghai Crystal Town and China Donghai Crystal Museum

Skiing in Xuzhou 徐州滑雪

Xuzhou Jiangwang Dajing Mountain Ski Resort & Xuzhou Dugong Mountain Ski Paradise

Wuxi Movie Capital Cultural Tourism Zone 无锡影都文化旅游区

Wuxi Movie Capital Cultural Tourism Zone highlights the theme and quality of movie culture to create a commercial street that is characteristic in film and television and it takes food, leisure and entertainment experience as the core elements.

The super amusing activity in Jiangsu

The slogan for this activity is: find all that is amusing in Jiangsu!

Xinjiekou 新街口

Xinjiekou known as " China’s first shopping ring" is the downtown area of Nanjing and has a history of nearly a hundred years.

Piangjiang Historical Area 平江历史街区

On the northeastern corner of Ancient City of Suzhou, it is the most typical and best preserved historical cultural area in Suzhou.