Yushui Nanshan Drifting 御水南山漂流

The length of Liyang Nanshan Drifting totals about 1800 m, and it takes the tourist about 50 min to drift through such drifting waterway with many twists and turns.

Night Tour To Slender West Lake 夜游瘦西湖

In the daytime Slender West Lake is a 5A level scenic spot, and in the night it is one of China’s popular holy land.

Suqian Chu Street 宿迁楚街

It is the first characteristic commercial pedestrian street that combines shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, tourism, and culture.

Come to the Lianyungang Bathing Beach to Cool off in Summer 夏季来连云港海滨浴场,消暑纳凉

It is the largest natural high-quality beach in Jiangsu Province, also known as Suma Bay. 

Suzhou Guanqian Night Market 苏州观前夜市

Based on the "Gusu 8:30" Night Economic Brand Activities, a series of external stall areas were established on the main street of Guanqian Street in Suzhou, so as to create a night market.

Jinhu Water Forest Park 金湖水上森林公园

Jinhu Water Forest Park is a national 4A-level tourism scenic spot, and it is located in Yintu Town, Jinhu County, with a very advantageous geographical location. 

Experience the Cool Summer in Liyang South Hill Bamboo Sea 来溧阳南山竹海感受清凉夏日

South Hill Bamboo Sea, enjoys the reputation of "The Paradise of Nanshan, Fantasy Bamboo Sea" and "Jiangsu's First Summer Resort".

Nantong HAOHE Scenic Spot 南通濠河风景区

Nantong HAOHE is one of the most intact ancient moat preserved in China.

Zhenjiang Mountain Scenic Area 镇江三山景区

Zhenjiang Mountain Scenic Area, located in the Jiangsu Province's southwest region, the south bank in the lower reaches of Yangtze River, is unique in its landscapes of "genuine mountain and water."