Rugao Old Street Tells the Story of the Ancient City 如皋老街,诉说古城故事

To understand a city, you have to start from its old streets and alleys. Rugao, one of the longevity hotspots by the Yangtze River, is telling the most graceful and pleasant story of this city in the patter of rain. Flagstone covered with moss, mottled bricks and tiles, and all other ancient items are like the “phonograph” worthy of careful appreciation.

A Spring Trip in Xuzhou, the City of Landscape and Leisure  

Since the 20th century, Xuzhou has spent much effort improving urban environment and building urban landscape. By 2010, Xuzhou has achieved the top forest coverage rate among all cities of Jiangsu Province, living up to its reputation as “the City of Landscape and Leisure”.

Maoshan Autumnal Scenery 茅山秋景

The scenery of autumn can be discovered in every corner of Jintan Maoshan, the gentle, rustic fairy town.

Reed Catkins in Autumn Worth Meeting 秋日芦花,值得遇见

GaoYou Lake, one of the six major freshwater lakes in China, has been praised by people since ancient time for its water culture include "beautiful scenery, abundant aquatic products and mysterious legendary".

Yancheng Tourism Direct Train – Yandu District Line 盐城旅游直通车—盐都线

People can escape from the city on the weekend to experience the autumnal scenery in countryside and take a short trip in the city!

Beautiful Water Village — Nanjing Huashu Village 水美乡村——南京桦墅村

Huashu village is surrounded by mountains and waters with its beautiful landscape, which has won the titles of "Beautiful Water Village of Jiangsu Province" and "Beautiful Water Village of Nanjing City" successively.

Come and travel to Jiangba this weekend! 周末来蒋坝旅游吧

In early autumn, choose to visit Jiangba on a leisure weekend.

Changzhou Qingguo Lane 常州青果巷

As one of the ancient streets and alleys in Changzhou, it is situated in the south of the central part of the Changzhou Old City.

Suzhou Dongshan, Hometown of Ginkgo 苏州东山,银杏之乡

In Suzhou, there are many pleasant places for enjoying ginkgo, one of which cannot be neglected, that is Dongting Dongshan, which is the famous "Hometown of Ginkgo."