Yancheng City Sea Salt History and Culture Scenic 盐城海盐历史文化风景区

During each Lantern Festival, lantern show is held for celebrating the new year, attracting lots of tourists to watch lanterns and enjoy sightseeing.

Jardin Admirable Tourist Resort 花谷奇缘

Make you get embraced by the nature, smell the emitting flower aroma and feel the flow of time silently.

Wuxi Hongshan Taibo Scenic Area 鸿山泰伯景区

Hongshan Taibo Scenic Spot is located in the beautiful Hongshan South of Hongshan Street, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo 红山森林动物园

See Pandas and rare animals at Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo!

Wuxi City Xue Fucheng’s Former Residence 薛福成故居

Firstly built in 1890, Xue Fucheng’s Former Residence was finished in 1894

Hanshan Temple 寒山寺

The temples of Hanshan Temple are mostly Qing Dynasty buildings, mainly including Daxiong Hall, Zangjing Building, Bell Tower, Stele Gallery, Fengjiang Tower, and Frost Bell Court.

Wuxi City Nanchan Temple Scenic Area 无锡南禅寺

With a long history of 1,450 years, Wuxi City Nanchan Temple is featured with China’s Ming and Qing dynasties southern China temple buildings for its main building structure.

Suzhou Bay Golden Beach Tourism Resort 苏州湾黄金湖岸

The Lake Viewing Deck in the tourist area consists of a main body of nearly 50,000 square meters of green tourism landscape platform and an extended 211-meter Ruyi Bridge.

Meiyuan Hengshan Scenic Spot 梅园横山风景区

There are natural landscape, cultural monuments, famous and extoic flowers, landscape architecture and leisure and fitness items in the scenic spot.