Zhenjiang City Nanshan Scenic Area 镇江南山景区

Jiangsu Province Zhenjiang Nanshan Scenic Area, as a provincial scenic area which has very beautiful natural landscape and very rich humane landscape

Dadong Mountain Scenic Area 大洞山

The mountain climbing footpath starts from the Cornel Garden and reaches the peak directly.

Nantong Hai’an County Jianghuai Culture Park 江淮文化园

Here is a very good place for you to have tour, leisure and vacation.

Lianyungang Kongwang Mountain 孔望山

In China’s history, the famous story “Confucius Inquiring Official System” happened here

China Mi Fu Calligraphy Park 中国米芾书法公园

Come here to appreciate Mi Fu calligraphy and painting art, have a dialogue with the master and feel the cultural mingling.

Pizhou City Aishan Nine-dragon Scenic Area 邳州艾山九龙景区

Located at Tiefu Town, Pizhou City, Pizhou City Aishan Scenic Area is a Grade AAAA tourist area of China

Suzhou City Stone Lake Scenic Area 苏州石湖景区

Stone Lake and the upper mountains enhance each other's beauty, looking so picturesque in distance.

Huai’an City Wu Cheng’en Former Residence Scenic 淮安吴承恩故居

Here, you may enjoy history, taste culture, get inspiration from life and purify your heart.

Zhenjiang City Jiangsu Tea Expo Garden 镇江市江苏茶博园

By integrating population of science, education, leisure and resort and eco-tourism, Jiangsu Tea Expo Garden is a very wonderful resort with distinct characteristics and beautiful scenery!