Suzhou Amusement Land Forest Water World 苏州乐园森林水世界

As a water amusement park with the theme of forest, The Forest Water World is unique among many water parks, advocating  natural, healthy and erogenous water playing attitude!

Come to the Lianyungang Bathing Beach to Cool off in Summer 夏季来连云港海滨浴场,消暑纳凉

It is the largest natural high-quality beach in Jiangsu Province, also known as Suma Bay. 

Come To Pick Grapes in Dingzhuang Village of Jurong in Summer 夏天来句容丁庄摘葡萄

Jurong Dingzhuang Grape Sightseeing Park is located in Dingzhuang Village, the famous Maoshan Sightseeing Agricultural Park, and it has beautiful mountains and clear waters with picturesque landscapes.

Jinhu Water Forest Park 金湖水上森林公园

Jinhu Water Forest Park is a national 4A-level tourism scenic spot, and it is located in Yintu Town, Jinhu County, with a very advantageous geographical location. 

Experience the Cool Summer in Liyang South Hill Bamboo Sea 来溧阳南山竹海感受清凉夏日

South Hill Bamboo Sea, enjoys the reputation of "The Paradise of Nanshan, Fantasy Bamboo Sea" and "Jiangsu's First Summer Resort".

Nanjing Maya Beach Water Park 南京玛雅海滩水公园

Nanjing Maya Beach Water Park is planned and designed by the world's top institutions, and it perfectly integrates the mysterious Maya civilization and modern aquatic amusement.

Jinhu Lotus Lake 金湖荷花荡

Jinhu Lotus Lake is the national 4A tourism scenic area with beautiful ecological environment.

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing 南京卓美亚酒店

Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing is situated in the Nanjing New Landmark, namely, the building which is 316 m away from the north side of "Twin Towers" of Hexi New District International Youth Culture Center.

Changzhou Oriental Salt Lake Resort 常州东方盐湖城

The Oriental Salt Lake Resort is situated at Jintan Maoshan, a famous Chinese Taoist mountain.