View Lotus in Summer 夏日赏荷

Surely to view lotus is a required choice for travelling in summer, and Jiangsu is a very good place to avoid summer heat as the lotus in all corners across the province is coming into bloom.

The Waxberry Gets Ripe in Southern China 江南杨梅熟

It is one of the Wuyue region customs to pick up waxberry around the Summer Solstice.

Suzhou Jiushu · Forest Secret Theme Resort 苏州玖树·森林的秘密主题度假村

Standing at the bank of West Taihu Lake, Suzhou Jiushu · Forest Secret Theme Resort is located in the ecological preservation area 1km along Taihu Lake.

Xuzhou Dugong Lake Tourist Area 徐州督公湖旅游区

Dugong Lake Scenic Area is located at the 30km to Xuzhou exit on Beijing-Shanghai express railway, Beijing-Fuzhou expressway

The blessed Zhanggong Cave 宜兴张公洞景区

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Gengsang Chu, pro-disciple of Lao Tze, was reluctant to be an official, while he devoted himself to monastic seclusion in a cave and became immortal

Yancheng Jiulongkou Scenic Area 盐城九龙口景区

Jiulongkou is a treasure house with very rich natural resources including cattail, water chestnut, lotus root, fish, shrimp and crab etc.

Nantong Green Expo Garden 南通洲际绿博园

It is a real dream garden, which is a combination of plant shows, science popularization education, conservation of nature, the theme of photography, ecological leisure, dining and entertainment, and tourist shopping. It is one of the rare integrated theme botanical gardens in China.

Guazhou International Tourist Resort 瓜州国际旅游度假区

Guazhou is a historical and cultural ancient town. In history, it was a sand islet in river in a shape like melon, gradually developed into a continent and got the name. Originated in the Jin Dynasty and got prosperous in the Tang Dynasty, Guazhou has had a long history of over 1,800 years and is the only ancient town located at the crossing of Yangtze River and the canal in China

Suqian Luoma Lake Tourist Resort 宿迁骆马湖旅游度假区

As one of the top four lakes in Jiangsu Province, Luoma Lake looks like the back of a big horse and its tail sweeping the canal when viewing from above