Dongtai, Delightful Natural Landscape Throughout Seasons

Dongtai, a coastal city thriving on the sea, boasts a long history of ancient “sea salt civilization”, as well as a gorgeous scenery, which is rather unique and fascinating.

Midsummer Island: Fun of Sea Fishing

Known as “Haizhou” in the past, the city of Lianyungang, literally “port connecting clouds”, gained its present name as it faces Lian Island against Yuntai Mountain and due to the fact that it is a port. Lianyungang has a coastline of 211.587 kilometers and 20 islands in its alluring Haizhou Bay. Among them, nine islands including Qinshan Island, Cheniushan Island, Dashan Island, Ping Island, and Zhu Island are designed as tourist and entertainment islands by the Jiangsu provincial government. Every summer, numerous sea fishing lovers come here to experience massive fun by the seaside.

Jinshan in Summer: Enjoy the Leisurely Moments in Life

Located in the city of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, Jinshan Hill is a popular destination for travelers because of its various must-see historical attractions, a mass of ancient architecture and legacies, and the romance in the story of the Legend of the White Snake. But for the locals, the most authentic charm of Jinshan’s summer lies in the peace of mind it offers, the blooming lotuses in the lake, and the leisure of walking along the lake after sunset.

Myriad Twinkling Lights by Li Canal Riverside in Huai’an 在里运河畔,感受淮安万家灯火

Huai’an, located in the north of Jiangsu Province, is an ancient cultural city at the intersection of the ancient Huai River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. As you stroll along the Li Canal Cultural Corridor of rich cultural heritage and take a glance at Qingjiangpu Wharf in a winter day, you will see the enchanting scene of the Huai’an city with countless lights on.

A Leisure Walk along Dongguan Street in Yangzhou on a Pleasant Summer Day 惬意夏日,扬州东关街一日慢行

When you arrive in Yangzhou, a garden city (referring to a city with high greening rate in China), in the pleasant early summer, you should take the chance to walk on the streets and in the gardens along Dongguan Street, enjoy the delicious delicacies from the food stalls on the street, and have some dishes of classic Huaiyang cuisine. At night, you can enjoy the night view of the Canal while the cool evening breeze unfolds the unique healing-style of Yangzhou, as if all wounds are healed and all sadness are gone.

Secret Destination of the Bamboo Sea, a Cool Summer Trip in the Mountains 竹海秘境,夏日山林清凉之旅

Summer tours are always restless due to the high temperature, but Nanshan Zhuhai, a tourist area in the city of Changzhou, Jiangsu province, is particularly designed for summer. There is no better tranquility like this for you to enjoy in romantic summer days, with cicadas chirping, streams gurgling, bamboos greening, and cool breeze touching.

Update of tour route: Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai’an-Yangzhou-Zhenjiang-Changzhou-Wuxi-Suzhou 6-Day Trip

In this tour, the itinerary includes: Xuzhou-Suqian (Han Culture Scenic Spot - Yaowan Ancient Town - Imperial Dwelling Palace of Qianlong Emperor), Suqian (Hexia Ancient Town), Huai’an-Yangzhou-Zhenjiang (Li Canal Cultural Corridor - Canal Sanwan Scenic Ara - Slender West Lake), Zhenjiang-Changzhou (Vinegar Culture Museum - Xijin Ferry Ancient Street - Canal 5 Creative Block), Wuxi-Suzhou (Huishan Ancient Town - Huqiu - Pingjiang Historical Block). You will visit almost all cultural sites in Jiangsu to experience the “charm of Jiangsu”.

Jinhu Lotus Tour

Chinese people love lotus flowers just like plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. Poets chant about lotus, painters draw lotus, writers write about lotus and ordinary people admire the beauty of lotus flowers. Love for lotus has gradually enters into people’s daily life, not anymore exclusive for artists. In midsummer every year, people always come to meet lotus, just as agreed. Even an inconspicuous lotus flower in the pond of a street park can make someone stop for it.

A Trip to Yangzhou, City of Blooming Flowers

There is a Spring called “March in Yangzhou”. Spring is the time when we have blooming flowers, gentle breeze, and the unique feel of everything coming to life. In such an amazing season, if you visit Yangzhou, besides the beautiful scenery, you will also be fascinated by the culture and elegant lifestyle here, which is embodied in the over 2,500 years of history of this city.