Changzhou Oriental Salt Lake Resort 常州东方盐湖城

The Oriental Salt Lake Resort is situated at Jintan Maoshan, a famous Chinese Taoist mountain.

Lianyungang Aquarium 连云港海洋馆

Lianyungang Aquarium is the National 4a Level Liandao Resort Area and also the biggest tourism investment project in recent years.

Nanjing Huanglong Xian Tea Culture Village 南京黄龙岘茶文化村

Huanglong Xian Tea Culture Village enjoys the reputation of "Central Water Area of the Yangtze River, High Quality Tea of Huanglong Xian".

Liyang Caoshan Tourist Resort Area 溧阳曹山旅游度假区

Caoshan Tourist Resort Area is located in Liyang City of Jiangsu Province, which adjoins to Gaochun and Lishui of Nanjing.

Baohua Mountain National Park 宝华山国家森林公园

Baohua Mountain National Park is located in the north of Jurong city in Jiangsu province, it is a national AAAA class scenic spot.

Yixing Tuanjiu Scenic Spot宜兴团氿风景区

Tuanjiu Scenic Spot is situated in the west of Yixing, an important part of the Yangxian Scenic Area of Taihu Lake Scenic Area, and also a national 4A level scenic spot.

The beauty of Jinji Lake at night夜幕下的金鸡湖

Jinji Lake is located at the northeast of the old town in Suzhou.

Taizhou Tiande Lake Park 泰州天德湖公园

Taizhou Tiande Lake Park is a Class 4A Tourist Attraction in China built in September 2009.

Changzhou Qingfeng Park 常州青枫公园

Changzhou Qingfeng Park is an urban forest park with the three themes of "ecology, popular science and vitality" and is also a national 4A scenic spot.