Take you to a walk around Jiangsu in Winter冬季十二时辰,带你行走江苏

In ancient China, the working people divided a day into 12 Shichen (two-hours period), working when the sun rises and going to bed when the sun sets. Jiangsu, a province on the east coast of China, has watched the changing stars for thousands of years, sensing the temperature of the twelfth Shichen through the years.

The Rubescent Wetlands Waiting for Returning Birds 红了湿地,等归鸟

The abundant resources, criss-cross rivers and limpid lakes make this place an ideal wintering spot for a variety of migratory birds, and is also a rare piece of “green lung” in Lianyungang city.

Warm & Healthy Yunhai Hot Spring 暖身养生云海温泉

Taizhou OCT Yunhai Hot Spring has a rare "Sanyuan Hot Spring" in China. It is derived from the depth of 1800-meter wetland.

Green Sky, Yellow Leaves – Ginkgo Season碧云天,黄叶地—银杏季

In this late autumn in Wuxi, one can experience the cool light rain, light breeze and warm sun, take a walk in the golden world of ginkgo leaves, as well as appreciate the mottled sunshine spots through the leaves.

Zhenjiang’s leisure and healthy lifestyle 镇江的休闲康养之道

It is worthy of paying a visit to Zhenjiang, where you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets, seeking amazing scenery along your way to the mountains or meditating the leisure and healthy lifestyle on mountain peaks. The fortune of life could be measured as you head to the mountains and climb up above the clouds.

The Splendid Guangling Autumn 最美不过广陵秋

In the late autumn, one can find various gorgeous landscapes when rambling about in the ancient canal.

The Most Beautiful Road for Self-driving, Liyang No.1 Road自驾最美公路,溧阳一号

Liyang No.1 Road is one of the first batch of tourist scenic roads in Jiangsu Province, which is known as the most beautiful self-driving highway in Jiangsu, with a total length of 365 km.

Jiu Li Lake Ecological Wetland Park九里湖生态湿地公园

In the northwest of Xuzhou, there is a "Kidney of the Earth," namely, the Jiu Li Lake National Wetland Park. Jiu Li Lake, as the first "Ecological Wetland Park" in Xuzhou, makes the ancient city of Xuzhou form a landscape pattern of "Yunlong Mountain, Yunlong Lake in the South, Jiuli Mountain and Jiuli Lake in the North."

Forest Park in ancient the Yellow River古黄河森林公园

It is located in the ancient Yellow River scenery zone in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.