The Oriental Metropolitan Museum 南京六朝博物馆

It is China's most comprehensive site museum that displays the cultural relics of the Six Dynasties (the 3rd-6th Century), which is also the most systematic thematic museum reflecting the culture of the Six Dynasties.

China Museum of Huaiyang Cuisine 中国淮扬菜博物馆

China Museum of Huaiyang Cuisine, situated in Huai'an of Jiangsu, is China's largest Cultural Museum with cuisine as its topic.

Chinese Sea Salt Museum 中国海盐博物馆

As the China's unique large-scale Thematic Museum that reflects the long standing civilization history of China Haiyan.

Chinese Abacus Museum 中国珠算博物馆

The abacus is the great creation of the working people in ancient China.

Xuzhou Museum of Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses of Han Dynasty 徐州汉兵马俑博物馆

Xuzhou Han Terracotta Warriors Museum, also called as Xuzhou Ancient Military History Museum.

China Canal Transport Museum 中国漕运博物馆

China Canal Transport Museum is situated around the Huaian Canal Transport Zongdushu Ruins of Huai'an City in Jiangsu Province, which is a AAAA level tourist scenic spot.

Yancheng Science and Technology Museum 盐城科技馆

It is a large science popularization education infrastructure being established by The people's Government of Yancheng.

Suzhou Museum of Inscribed Stone Tablets 苏州碑刻博物馆

Suzhou Museum of Inscribed Stone Tablets is a Special Topic Museum that combines collection, research, exhibition and reprography of ancient inscriptions.

International Museum Day 国际博物馆日

"May 18" is the International Museum Day. This year, the "International Museum Day" is being held in the Nanjing Museum in China's main venue.