Jiangsu Museum tour— a rich and diverse cultural experience江苏博物馆之旅,丰富多样的文化体验

Jiangsu, a place with a long history and rich culture, has been a birthplace of outstanding people since ancient times. In order to preserve these regional culture, each city in Jiangsu built a museum with its own characteristics. From history to folklore, from primitive simplicity to modern styles, the existence of museums greatly broadens people's horizon and deepens people's understanding of the past.

Crystal- World Glass Art Museum晶-世界玻璃艺术馆

This is a small world where wonder and joy coexist with magic and technology combined. Come and experience it at the Crystal World Glass Art Museum!

Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum江宁织造府博物馆

Everything here, including the flowers and trees, has been integrated into his masterpiece Dream of the Red Chamber.

Huanhao River Museum Group环濠河博物馆群

Nantong is the birthplace of the undertaking of Chinese museums, which enjoyed the reputation of "The Hometown of Culture and Museum.

The Oriental Metropolitan Museum 南京六朝博物馆

It is China's most comprehensive site museum that displays the cultural relics of the Six Dynasties (the 3rd-6th Century), which is also the most systematic thematic museum reflecting the culture of the Six Dynasties.

China Museum of Huaiyang Cuisine 中国淮扬菜博物馆

China Museum of Huaiyang Cuisine, situated in Huai'an of Jiangsu, is China's largest Cultural Museum with cuisine as its topic.

Chinese Sea Salt Museum 中国海盐博物馆

As the China's unique large-scale Thematic Museum that reflects the long standing civilization history of China Haiyan.

Chinese Abacus Museum 中国珠算博物馆

The abacus is the great creation of the working people in ancient China.

Xuzhou Museum of Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses of Han Dynasty 徐州汉兵马俑博物馆

Xuzhou Han Terracotta Warriors Museum, also called as Xuzhou Ancient Military History Museum.