The Making Skill of Gaoyou Salted Duck Eggs 高邮咸鸭蛋制作技艺

Gaoyou salted duck eggs have enjoyed high reputation for long as a kind of product of geographical indication in China with a fresh, fine, tender, red, sandy and oily flavor; the litterateur Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty

Jianhu Acrobatics 建湖杂技

Jianhu acrobatics is a kind of traditional acrobatic art of the Han nationality that was generated and popular in Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province

Haizhou Five Modes of Ancient Chinese Music 海州五大宫调

Haizhou five modes of ancient Chinese music is the Han nationality folk music of long standing, a significant pulse of Jiangsu Province folk songs left from the Ming and Qing dynasties

Suzhou Calligraphy & Painting Mounting & Renovation Skill 苏州书画装裱修复技艺

The calligraphy and painting mounting skill is colloquially called as painting mounting. The traditional calligraphy and painting works will highlight the brushstrokes and artistic conception more after mounting

Jiangsu Miniascape Skill 江苏盆景技艺

Jiangsu “Su party miniascape” and “Yang party miniascape” are one of China’s excellent traditional arts and the treasure of garden art

The Making Skill of Suzhou Opera Costume and Stage Property 苏州剧装戏具制作技艺

The making skill of Suzhou opera costume and stage property can date back to the middle period of the Ming Dynasty

Changzhou Longquan Inkpad 常州龙泉印泥

Changzhou Longquan inkpad has been called as one of China’s top three inkpad gems

Suzhou Dongting Mountain Biluochun Tea Making Skill

Biluochun tea making skill has a very long history

Yangzhou Opera

Yangzhou Opera is a local traditional opera in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province and one of the state designated intangible cultural heritage.