Huai Opera 淮剧

Huai Opera, also known as Jianghua Opera and Huai Xi, is an ancient local opera that originated in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province and Lixia River area in Yancheng.

Danyang Sealed Wine Craftsmanship 丹阳封缸酒传统酿造技艺

China is the birthplace of fermented alcoholic drink.

Suzhou National Musical Instrument Craftsmanship 苏州民族乐器制作技艺

Chinese national musical instruments are enduring with a long history. They are closely related to the cultural life of the people in all ethnic groups and are an important part of Chinese traditional culture.

Xuzhou Wind and Drum Music 徐州鼓吹乐

As a type of Han instrumental music, Xuzhou wind and drum music is mainly played by suona horn and accompanied with reedpipe, flute and other wind instruments. Sometimes, it will be with Bangzi and Chinese percussion.

Su Opera 苏剧

Su Opera, a traditional local opera in Suzhou of Jiangsu, is a national intangible cultural heritage.

Pizhou Paper Sculpture Lion Mask 邳州纸塑狮子头

Pizhou Paper Sculpture Lion Mask, as an integrated folk craft, is a head mask of Traditional lion dance which include sculpture, wallpaper, rolling, painting.

Xuzhou Bangzi 徐州梆子

Xuzhou Bangzi, one of the traditional local operas in Jiangsu Province, was named by the people as “Daxi” in Xuzhou, which is famous for the rhythm command of Guban and Bangzi.

Jiangdu Gold and Silver Ornaments Craftsmanship 江都金银细工制作技艺

As one of the representatives of China's gold and silver ornaments craftsmanship, Jiangdu Gold and Silver Ornaments Craftsmanship was listed by the State Council as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects.

Dongba Da Ma Deng 东坝大马灯

Da Ma Deng, a famous folk custom activity of Nanjing Gaochun, originated in the Tang Dynasty and prevailed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is known as a wonder in Jiangnan area and a national intangible cultural heritage.