Wuxi Yangshan Juicy Peach Appears on the Market 无锡阳山水蜜桃上市啦!

Waiting for a whole year, the Yangshan Juicy Peach finally comes into the market! 

Xuzhou Barbecue 徐州烧烤

In the hot summer, beer and kebab, without a doubt, are the best match.As the "night economy" develops, it is the happiest thing to enjoy a barbecue together with friends at night!

Taizhou Morning Tea 泰州早茶

Taizhou Morning Tea is particular about "three treasures of morning tea," Including the hot kan-ssu, fish soup noodle and crab-roe bun. 

Fresh Breeze & Bright Moon • Liyang Tea House 清风朗月•溧阳茶舍

Seeking a Tea House loomed out of the place with fresh breeze & bright moon

Xuyi Crawfish Is the Specialty in Summer 夏季盱眙小龙虾正当时

The size of Xuyi Crawfish is bigger than that of common ones, which has a thin shell and thick meat with shrimp paste on its head.

Yancheng Eight-Bowl 盐城八大碗

In the long years, there were three large-scale population migrations in Yancheng.

Yangzhou Vince Tofu 扬州文思豆腐

Vince Tofu is a traditional famous dish with a time-honored history in Jiangsu Province, which originated from Yangzhou and belongs to Huaiyang Cuisine and Jiangsu Cuisine.

Wuxi Lake Taihu Ship Food 无锡太湖船菜

People could taste the traditional "Lake Taihu Ship Food" with special flavor when appreciating the countless beautiful sceneries.

Suzhou Zhu Hongxing Noodle Restaurant 苏州朱鸿兴面馆

The Zhu Hongxing Noodle Restaurant is Suzhou's time-honored brand with a history of over 60 years.