Suzhou Style Warm Pot 苏式暖锅

Different from other style hot pots, Suzhou style warm pot is used to put the semi-finished dishes into the soup-stock

Xinghua Shagou Fish Ball 兴化沙沟鱼圆

Xinghua Shagou fish ball is a local featured dish in Xinghua; the main material is the top grass carp, the flavors include lard oil, food grade salt and green Chinese onion etc

Braised Ham in Honey Sauce 蜜汁火方

Braised Ham in Honey Sauce is a famous traditional dish in Jiangsu, for which the making materials include ham, Tongxin white lotus, etc.. This dish is red in color and its marinade is transparent.

Yixing Black rice 宜兴乌米饭

ith a very long history, the black rice was found in the Tang Dynasty and also a kind of food in festivals

Suzhou Cangshu Mutton 苏州藏书羊肉

Zhenjiang Pot Cover Noodles 镇江锅盖面

The finished pot cover noodle is featured as appropriate hard and soft level, and very good suppleness etc. and is a snack suitable for both the old and the young.

Zhenhu Lake Eight Fresh Dishes Feast 溱湖八鲜宴

As one of the local products of Taizhou Jiangyan, Zhenhu Lake Eight Fresh Dishes Feast came from Zhentong folk traditional technology and is the famous dish that you have to taste when coming to the ancient town Zhentong.

Liangxi Crispy Eel 梁溪脆鳝

It looks brown and shiny, tastes salty with sweet, crispy and delicious and is cooked with thick sour juice.

Three-ding steamed stuffed bun 三丁包子

The filling is soft and hard, with salty and sweet and sweet and crisp. The oil is not greasy, and the steamed buns are beautiful, which is the representative of Huaiyang snacks.