Braised Oilseed Rape Core

It is a traditional famous dish in Jiangsu Province and belongs to Jinling dish system

Lu Gaojian

Lu Gaojian is a hundred-year old shop in Suzhou founded in the 2nd year of Emperor Kangxi Period (1663)and operates raw and cooked meat product specially.

Yuhuashi Sweet Dumpling 雨花石汤圆

Yuhuashi sweet dumpling is a traditional local snack in Jiangsu Province and a kind of cate as a dessert of Jiangsu dishes which is of great local characteristics.

The Dummy Pan Fried Pork Bun 哑巴生煎

The dummy pan fried pork bun is a traditional featured snack in Jiangsu with a history of almost 70 years

The Crab Shell Yellow Baked Cake of Yongheyuan Restaurant 永和园的蟹壳黄烧饼

The crab shell yellow baked cake: the cake shape is similar to crab shell, its color looks like crab yellow, so it is also named as crab shall yellow.

Suzhou Crane and Pine Tower Restaurant 苏州松鹤楼

Built in the early years of Emperor Qianlong Period in the Qing Dynasty, Suzhou Crane and Pine Tower Restaurant has a history of over 2,700 years and is a Suzhou style restaurant with a long history and enjoying great reputation both at home and abroad

Huai dumpling 淮饺

Huai dumpling, also named as wonton, is a very famous snack for long in Huai’an area, and once there was a saying that “ any one who missed Huai dumpling has made a trip in vain when passing by Huai’an”.

Mirror Case Bean Curd 镜箱豆腐

The Mirror Case Bean Curd is a traditional famous dish in Wuxi area of Jiangsu.

Wuxi Pastry 无锡糕团

Wuxi local people love sweet food, so naturally the well smelled, soft and sticky pastry has become very popular among them.