White Flesh Loquat 白沙枇杷

The loquat, waxberry and cherry are called as “the three sisters of early summer fruit”

Xuyi Lobster 盱眙龙虾

Xuyi lobster is special local product of Xuyi County, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province and China national geographic indication product

Yangzhou Gonghechun Dumpling Noodle 扬州共和春

With regard to Yangzhou dumpling noodle, Yangzhou local people call wonton as dumpling, so it is actually the soup noodle with wonton. As for the best and most popular dumpling noodle in Yangzhou, it must be the time-honored brand Gonghechun

Dongtai Watermelon 东台西瓜

With regard to the watermelon in Jiangsu, we have to mention the watermelon at Dongtai, Yancheng.

Boat Feast in Taihu Lake 太湖船宴

The boat feast in Taihu Lake is composed of Taihu boat dishes and Taihu boat snacks

The 5th Season of Jiangsu Super Fun ended with 50 awesome snacks of Jiangsu 《江苏超好玩》第五季收官

On April 25, Jiangsu Province Department of Culture and Tourism's heavy brand activity Jiangsu Super Fun released the fifth season of fun report -- Snacks Map in Jiangsu, 50 characteristic and delicious Jiangsu snacks with culture and heritage attract the attention of many foodies!

Changshu Steamed Dishes 常熟蒸菜

Changshu steamed dishes can date back to the pottery era in history and was firstly popular in Dongxiang countryside

Suzhou Style Noodle with Soup 苏式汤面

In 2018, Suzhou style noodle created a new world record successfully: with 518 kinds of toppings, it was honored as the original noodle with soup of the world most toppings

Wuxi Sanfengqiao 无锡三凤桥

Built in 1927, Wuxi Sanfengqiao won the honorary title as “China Time-honored Brand Enterprise” issued by Ministry of Commerce