Xuyi International Lobster Festival 盱眙国际龙虾节

“China Xuyi International Lobster Festival” is a traditional festival held regularly each year since the first lobster festival was held in July 2000 by Jiangsu Province Xuyi County People’s Government.

The Waxberry Gets Ripe in Southern China 江南杨梅熟

It is one of the Wuyue region customs to pick up waxberry around the Summer Solstice.

Yangshan Juicy Peach 阳山水蜜桃

Yangshan juicy peach is a local special product in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province and China's national geographic indication product. 

Dragon Boat Festival Five Red Custom 端午节吃五红习俗

The "five reds" often spoken in Jiangsu people's mouth are "roasted duck, edible amaranth, red oil duck eggs, lobsters and ricefield eel".

The Zongzi PK of 13 Cities in Jiangsu 江苏13市粽子大PK

In Jiangsu Province, there are 13 cities totally and the zongzi in each city is also of local characteristics

White Flesh Loquat 白沙枇杷

The loquat, waxberry and cherry are called as “the three sisters of early summer fruit”

Xuyi Lobster 盱眙龙虾

Xuyi lobster is special local product of Xuyi County, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province and China national geographic indication product

Yangzhou Gonghechun Dumpling Noodle 扬州共和春

With regard to Yangzhou dumpling noodle, Yangzhou local people call wonton as dumpling, so it is actually the soup noodle with wonton. As for the best and most popular dumpling noodle in Yangzhou, it must be the time-honored brand Gonghechun

Dongtai Watermelon 东台西瓜

With regard to the watermelon in Jiangsu, we have to mention the watermelon at Dongtai, Yancheng.