Xunwei·12 Jinling dishes in Nanjing 南京寻魏·金陵十二菜

Huaiyang cuisine is one of the four traditional cuisines in China, which is known as “the best taste in the southeast and the most beautiful in the world”.

Lianyungang Seafood 连云港海鲜

Lianyungang is a coastal city with mountains, seas, ports, islands and towns.

Dinner of Zhouzhuang Shenting Restaurant 周庄沈厅酒家夜宴

Zhouzhuang Shenting Restaurant is the most watertown-featured local restaurant in Zhouzhuang of Kunshan.

Su-style Mung Bean Soup 苏式绿豆汤

For people in Suzhou, a cup of mung bean soup goes trough the whole summer.

Yan Chun Restaurant In Zhenjiang 镇江宴春酒楼

If you ask a local people in Zhenjiang about the first meal for a visitor, you will always get an answer of “Yan Chun Restaurant”.

Wang Xingji Ravioli In Wuxi 无锡王兴记馄饨

Wang Xingji ravioli, a famous local cuisine in Wuxi, Jiangsu, was founded in 1912.

Steamed Small Buns of Pinfang Teahouse 品芳茶社小笼包

There is a hundred-year old shop hidden on Pingjiang Road -- Pinfang Teahouse.

Xuzhou Mutton Festival in Dog Days 徐州伏羊节

The mutton festival is a traditional food festival of China, “eating mutton in dog days” has a very long history in Xuzhou.

Xuyi International Lobster Festival 盱眙国际龙虾节

“China Xuyi International Lobster Festival” is a traditional festival held regularly each year since the first lobster festival was held in July 2000 by Jiangsu Province Xuyi County People’s Government.