The 20th “Qixia Autumn” Red Maple Art Festival 第二十届“秋栖霞”红枫艺术节

In Autumn, always have people desired to get an opportunity to visit the colorful world of Qixia Mountain.

Admire the full moon in Mid-Autumn Festival, and enjoy the moon cake! 中秋节来赏月,吃月饼啦!

People traditionally celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on Aug. 15 of the lunar calendar every year.

2020 Suzhou Amusement Land 22nd International Beer Festival 2020苏州乐园第22届国际啤酒节

On the evening of July 18, accompanying with the magnificent stage lighting, the opening ceremony of Suzhou Amusement Land's 22nd International Beer Festival kicked off. 

Jiangsutravel magzine 数字期刊

International Museum Day 国际博物馆日

"May 18" is the International Museum Day. This year, the "International Museum Day" is being held in the Nanjing Museum in China's main venue.

The 12th Golden Flower Tourism Festival in Gaochun高淳第十二届金花旅游节

A large number of cole flowers in Gaochun international slow city have already blossomed in spring. 

Eating Yuanxiao and guessing lantern riddles 吃元宵猜灯谜

The Lantern Festival is the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

The 7th Nanjing Folk Culture Festival 第七届南京民俗文化节

On January 18, the 7th Nanjing Folk Culture Festival opened in XINANLI historical and cultural district.

Jiangsu Huaihai Opera 江苏淮海戏

Huaihai opera is one of the main local operas in Jiangsu Province.