Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival opens at Plum Blossom Hill in Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

The 26th China Nanjing International Plum Blossom Festival opens at the Plum Blossom Mountain in Nanjing

Fingertip Temple Fair, Meet The New Year In Yangzhou指尖庙会,在扬州遇见新年

There is a unique type of fair in China called the temple fair, which is usually held during the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. Temple fairs were originally gathered around temples, and later developed into fairs for a variety of entertainment items, commodities and traditional folk activities. At the beginning of the New Year, artisans in Yangzhou are organizing an exquisite visual temple fair with their fingertips' intangible heritage skills. Enjoy the scenery, listen to the opera, watch special skills, taste delicious food, without temple fair a new year is incomplete. Yangzhou people are best at making exquisite works of art, such as beautiful paper-cuts, realistic art flowers and exquisite makeup powder, which are the products of fine craftsmanship. They are also the most outstanding items among the numerous intangible cultural heritage projects in Yangzhou. Fingertip Temple Fair is indispensable.

In Jiangsu, People Celebrate the New Year Like This!在江苏,大家竟然这样过新年!

During the Spring Festival, China will hold a variety of activities to celebrate the Spring Festival all over the country, these activities with strong regional characteristics

Jiangsu Nanjing: The 35th Qinhuai Lantern Festival is ready for light-up, all sorts of lanterns are well-prepared.

The Fourth Qinhuai Light Show in Lishui lit up on the New Year’s Day 溧水第四届秦淮源头灯已于元旦亮灯

Nanjing’s Fourth Qinhuai Light Show in Lishui took the lead in the whole city of Nanjing on New Year's Day, lasting for 3 months.

Good To Make Preserved Meat in Light Snow 小雪腌肉好越冬

The Light Snow Solar Term, as a traditional Chinese lunar calendar, is different from the meaning of "light snow" in weather report.

Changzhou Banshan Books 常州半山书局

If there is a heaven in world, it must be like a library; If the soul of a city lies with the bookstores, then come to see the Banshan Books, the soul of Changzhou City, you'll surely love it.

Huanhao River Museum Group环濠河博物馆群

Nantong is the birthplace of the undertaking of Chinese museums, which enjoyed the reputation of "The Hometown of Culture and Museum.

Chrysanthemum Appreciation Strategy of Wuxi Huishan Hill 无锡惠山赏菊攻略

Every golden autumn, in the ancient town of Wuxi Huishan Hill, the colorful chrysanthemum exhibition will come as scheduled.