Painting scroll in the snow, Shantang Street under black bricks and tiles雪中画卷,黛瓦青砖下的山塘街

In southern city like Suzhou, it is not often to see snow in winter. But once it snows, Suzhou becomes Gusu and travels back to the past, displaying a real inky Jiangnan style.

Strings on the Yangtze River – Nanjing Eye长江上的琴弦—南京眼

Nanjing Eye is situated in the central axis of the Youth Olympics in Hexi New Town, Jianye District, Nanjing. It is the first sightseeing pedestrian bridge on the Yangtze River, which crosses the Nanjing Yangtze River and Jiajiang.

The Splendid Guangling Autumn 最美不过广陵秋

In the late autumn, one can find various gorgeous landscapes when rambling about in the ancient canal.

Jiu Li Lake Ecological Wetland Park九里湖生态湿地公园

In the northwest of Xuzhou, there is a "Kidney of the Earth," namely, the Jiu Li Lake National Wetland Park. Jiu Li Lake, as the first "Ecological Wetland Park" in Xuzhou, makes the ancient city of Xuzhou form a landscape pattern of "Yunlong Mountain, Yunlong Lake in the South, Jiuli Mountain and Jiuli Lake in the North."

Forest Park in ancient the Yellow River古黄河森林公园

It is located in the ancient Yellow River scenery zone in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

Taixing Ancient Ginkgo Forest Park 泰兴古银杏森林公园

Taixing Ancient Ginkgo turns yellow in early October, and almost all of them turns yellow around the middle of October.

Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou’s After Nightfall 夜幕下的扬州美景

Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou's After Nightfall

Taicang Shaxi Ancient Town 太仓沙溪古镇

Shaxi is a typical Jiangnan water town, which is located in the middle of Taicang City. Villages have been formed during Tang and Song dynasties, so that it has a history of more than 1,300 years.

Suzhou Shantang Street 苏州山塘街

Suzhou Shantang Street is the place that best embodies Wu culture and Su-style life.