Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou’s After Nightfall 夜幕下的扬州美景

Beautiful Scenery in Yangzhou's After Nightfall

Taicang Shaxi Ancient Town 太仓沙溪古镇

Shaxi is a typical Jiangnan water town, which is located in the middle of Taicang City. Villages have been formed during Tang and Song dynasties, so that it has a history of more than 1,300 years.

Suzhou Shantang Street 苏州山塘街

Suzhou Shantang Street is the place that best embodies Wu culture and Su-style life. 

Yangzhou Dongguan Street 扬州东关街

The Dongguan Street was the most prosperous and popular street in the Yangzhou city in the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Suqian Zaohe Ancient Town 宿迁皂河古镇

Zaohe ancient town is a "cultural ancient town and water town" with a history of nearly 400 years.

“Poetic Grand Canal” National Oil Painting Exhibition “诗意大运河”全国油画作品展

As the earliest artificial canal in the world with the longest mileage and the largest project, the Grand Canal of China was listed in the World Culture Inheritance Name List in June 2014.

Taizhou Daohe Scenic Area 泰州稻河景区

Daohe Ancient Block,located in the Hailing District, is the most important historical and cultural block in Taizhou, which the municipal government took the lead in protecting and rejuvenating.

See You At Mid-Autumn Festival In Wuxi 中秋“月”会无锡

The Mid-Autumn Festival, the fifteenth day of August of the lunar calendar, is a traditional festival which is popular in Chinese ethnic groups and Chinese cultural circles.

Night Tour In Jiangsu 夜游江苏

Various night tour routes of Jiangsu bring people new experience in the hot summer.