With the Yangtze River in the north and Taihu Lake in the west, the vast plain water network is densely covered, making Suzhou a world-famous water town and a land of fish and rice. As the saying goes, "Lake Su is ripe, the world is sufficient." This one party treasure ground can fill the stomach of the whole world not only, still raise the picky taste of suzhou locals.

A Winter Feast That Fits the Season


The rich products make Suzhou people especially picky about food materials. In order to taste the freshest and most delicious ingredients of the year, Suzhou people pay great attention to the season when cooking, and the seasons vary according to the ingredients. Winter is coming, Suzhou’s winter banquet will also shine on stage.

Entering the winter, suzhou people are most concerned about or that installed in the big bowl fat and not greasy sauce. Sauce recipe is a traditional specialty dish in Jiangsu Province. It is made of porcine flowers that are suitable for both fat and thin. After a few days of soaking, it goes through complex processes such as burning, boiling, braising and stewing, and then it is combined with special sauce and soup, then it is boiled at high fire and stewed at low fire. The finished sauce is crispy, red in color and full of sugar, salty and sweet, and melts in the mouth without being greasy.


Suzhou-style warm pot is also one of the delicious foods that people in Suzhou should not miss in winter. Unlike other hot pots, Su-style warm pots are cooked by putting half-finished dishes into a pot, adding stock and lighting a charcoal fire to keep them warm and cook all the ingredients. First of all, there should be a pot of chicken, duck, fish, pig bone essence boiled and become a delicious soup bottom, and then to the vermicelli, cabbage as the bottom of the warm pot, covered with egg dumplings, smoked fish, meat, winter bamboo shoots, vegetables, bean sprouts, etc. This fresh soup needs no extra seasoning and is only seasoned with salt. A fresh fragrance, warm stomach, meaning auspicious, and full of the taste of home.



Steaming Hot Su-Style Snacks


In winter, eat more big fish and meat, warm solution greasy Su flavor snacks is also a good choice.


In the winter of Gusu City, how can we live without a bowl of steaming red bean balls? A bowl of water drops some white sugar rice cakes, boiled together with water mill balls into a sweet soup, and then poured red bean paste, the beauty of red clouds covered with snow. Take the heat to take a bite, the small round is soft and waxy sweet, the bean paste is refreshing and not greasy, mix with the sweet red bean paste, then sprinkle with osmanthus flowers, mix and stir evenly, the sweetness is just right.


In Suzhou, a bowl of bacon paella is the standard dish in the winter. “Bacon”, “vegetable” and “rice” are all very special. The dishes chosen by Suzhou people are short foot green and Suzhou green, with thick leaves and fat meat, sweet, waxy and slippery taste. Some diced salted meat is fat and thin, and the new rice is waxy and sweet. It is best to cook it in a large iron pot with wood burning, and the rice will be particularly fragrant and waxy, with golden crispy rice on the bottom. Put a spoonful in a porcelain bowl, then use chopsticks to slice a small piece of apricot fat, with the temperature of the rice, the lard gradually melted into the rice, one bite at a time is almost impossible to stop.



A Gourmet Meal On a Canal Cruise


Imagine what kind of experience it will be if you combine canal, gourmet food, gaily-painted pleasure boat, tea and scenery appreciation, and Pingtan performance. This kind of wonderful feeling, in the ancient canal of Suzhou cruise Zhenshan can be found.


This is a river from 2,500 years ago, an ancient canal of Suzhou that rises and falls with the history of Suzhou. Boarding from the Bai Juyi Pier on Shantang Street, you will embark on a food tour. Standing in the boat, in the soft language of Wu Nong understand the scenery on both sides of the canal and the story behind the beautiful scenery, taste the snacks prepared on the table. Crispy shitake mushroom slices, sweet amber walnuts… This is the old Suzhou talent to understand the taste. Now bubble a cup of biluochun before the Ming Dynasty, green tea dancing in the transparent teacup. The color of the soup is green and the taste is elegant. After the screen, you can see with your own eyes the process of preparing dishes by several chefs. After that, a cold four-flavoured dish was served, delicately matched and pleasing to the eye. The crab shell is yellow and fragrant, the chicken head rice is soft and tender, and the steaming Shengjian Bao is full of gravy when you bite into it. Silver fish spring rolls, jujube paste pull cake three together, crepe wonton…… Each product, let a person be intoxicated in the old Suzhou wonderful flavor. Long canal, cruise Zhenshan, from another Angle to appreciate Suzhou.

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