The Linhong estuary wetland is located in Taiping Village and the Linhong River channel, as far south as the Linhong river sluice and Yueya Island, as far north as to the Sanyang Harbor tide barrage and Qin Sandao Resort, the total length is about 14 km, 1-2 km wide, including about 5 km in Purnan, the wetland covers an area of about 40,000 acres, i.e. 30 square kilometers. The abundant resources, criss-cross rivers and limpid lakes make this place an ideal wintering spot for a variety of migratory birds, and is also a rare piece of “green lung” in Lianyungang city.

Whenever in autumn and winter, the Linhong estuary, a 4,000-hectare urban wetland, becomes a paradise for 129 species of water birds from 40 families. In a corner of the Linhong estuary wetland, a patch of red seepweed is dotted between the sea and the sky, shining as fireworks, bright as the morning glow. The magnificent wetland scenery stirs ouR flipped heart, attracting A number of citizens to visit and take pictures.

Near Sanyang Harbor tide barrage, the node of Linhong estuary wetland, the newly built red leaf heather wall stretches for several kilometers, forming a new scene in the Linhong wetland. In the short run, Linhong estuary wetlands will become a paradise for animals and plants as well as a tourist attraction for people in Lianyungang to get close to nature.

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