If you are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, you may also seek to escape to nature in the pursuit of healing. What about recuperating at Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring Resort Hotel, allowing you to have an all-around relaxation of body and soul.

The hot spring forest is hidden in a sea of bamboo forest, which combines the majestic feeling of the Nanshan bamboo forest and the grace of the imperial hot spring. From its roof with light gray-blue tiles and the ivory-colored exterior walls to the exquisite southern style decoration for the interior, the traditional architectural style of the south of Yangtze River is combined with the modern decoration, integrated into the elegant natural surroundings.

With 52 open-air pools of hot spring scattered among the 35,000 mu of bamboos radiant with green in the scenic area, what can be brighter and more refreshing. As a rare calcium bicarbonate hot spring in East China, it is rated as one of China’s “Top 10 Hot Springs”. Besides, it has unique physiotherapy effects for neurological diseases, sports injuries, and dermatological diseases. Moreover, frequent bathes in the spring can moisturize the skin, resume youth and beauty, and relieve fatigue.

With the hot spring merged in the large bamboo forest, different times of the day show different faces. In a misty morning, you can breathe the fresh air in the mountains; a lazy noon will make you fully relaxed among the vibrant bamboos; the afterglow of the sunset will bring coolness into the mountain breeze. With the essence of enjoying the pleasure of bathing, the resort is inevitably an excellent place for leisure and vacations.

Surrounded by the picturesque bamboo forest with the mountain springs jingling like music, why not come and breathe in the nature at Yushui Hot Spring Resort.

 (Source: Yushui Hot Spring Resort)

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