A few days ago, the 13th Jiangsu Province Rural Tourism Festival officially started. In a month’s time, Jiangsu Province will launch more than 20 important events for rural tourism and announce the “Water-featured Jiangsu – Rural Leisure” tourist products covering flower-viewing sites, parent-child activities, health preservation vacation, cultural experience, farming and leisure, rural lodging and other categories of tour products for the year 2022.With new fun, new experiences and new scenes, tourists nearby can be better served and entertained. Jiangsu welcomes you with its water features and beautiful countryside.

 Product Overview

 Flower-viewing Sites:

Nanjing Lishui Rose Garden

Nantong Flower Town

Wuxi Purple Sea Dreamland

Lianyungang Eden Garden Scenic Area

Wuxi Shanlian Village Chrysanthemum Field

Huai’an Lavender Manor

Changzhou Xiangu Village

Yancheng China Begonia Garden

Suzhou Lotus Pond in Moonlight Wetland Park

Yangzhou Baoying Champs Elysees Rose Garden

Parent-child Activities:

Wuxi Garden Oriental Peach Village

Anzhuang Fishing Village, Pei County, Xuzhou

Changzhou Taihubay Camp Valley

Jijiadun Villagein, Jinxi Town, Kunshan, Suzhou

Yangzhou Rainfield Manor

Taizhou Qinhu Oasis

Health Preservation Vacation:

Wuxi Ink Painting Rural Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Xuzhou Cornel Valley Holiday Paradise

Changzhou Meijie Mountain Hot spring Resort

Nantong Kaisha Island Resort

Lianyungang Donghai Green Pine Ridge Forest Park

Yancheng Yangshi Village Ecological Tourist Resort

Taizhou Love Sea Happy Pastoral

 Cultural experience:

Nanjing Pukou Cao Sheng Calligraphy Township

Changzhou Liyang Shenxijie Village

Huai’an Xuyi Doushan Village

Yanhu Village, Fangxiang Town, Yangzhou

Zhenjiang Satellite Village Ethnic Customs Park

Suqian Yuanjia Village Suqian Impression

Farming and Leisure:

Changzhou No.1 Farm

Suzhou In-Village Changyang Alley

Nantong Qidong Jiangtian Ecological Farm

Lianyungang Donghai Patia Vineyard

Huai’an Happy Fishery Cooking Bench

Zhenjiang Jurong Dingzhuang Village

Taizhou Xuzhou Village

Suqian Shennong Times Cultural Tourism Zone

Rural lodging:

Nanjing Lishui District Tian Sister’s Homestay

Wuxi Longyin Series Boutique Homestay

Changzhou Jiezhou Changshan Xingshe Hostel

Zhudian Village, Jinxi Town, Kunshan, Suzhou

Yancheng Dongtai Himalayan Tent Hotel

Yancheng Red-crownedCrane Grassland Resort Hotel

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