In Suzhou, there are many pleasant places for enjoying ginkgo, one of which cannot be neglected, that is Dongting Dongshan, which is the famous “Hometown of Ginkgo.” It is one of the five largest ginkgo producing areas in China, with a long history of ginkgo cultivation.

This ancient town, as the Hometown of Apricot, not only has “yellow” sceneries, but also has multiple ancient ginkgo trees growing in cols, valleys, lake islands, temples. Among the existing ancient ginkgo trees, six trees are aged over 1,000 in Dongshan. Besides, at the entrance to Beiwang Lingxia Village, there is a “King of Ginkgo” in Jiangsu Province, which is over 2000 years old.

The Yinxing Road and Qiyuan Road, in Dongshan, are the reputed Network Reds Card-punching Places in autumn and winter. The ginkgoes here seem to be more gorgeous, primitive and tranquil than those of the urban area. Each late autumn, large pieces of golden ginkgo leaves are scattered into a soft golden carpet, forming a unique and charming landscape.

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