Stone City, also known as Ghost Face City, is located 500 meters west of Qingliang Gate. It was once a stone wall in the west of Qingliang Mountain, which broke off from Qingliang Mountain when the Huju Road was paved and the mountain ridge was cut off. As Qingliang Mountain faces the west of the Yangtze River, its red sandstone wall was exposed to wind and rain, making its surface uneven like a mask, so it got the name “ghost face” in ancient times. When the Nanjing City wall was built in the Ming Dynasty, a huge stone called “ghost face” became a precipitous natural barrier. As the wall and “ghost face” connected into one, it formed a unique sight of stone wrapped by bricks and wall wrapped by stone. Now the Stone City is open to the public as a park and has become one of the landmarks of Nanjing.

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