There is a hundred-year old shop hidden on Pingjiang Road -- Pinfang Teahouse.

There is a hundred-year old shop hidden on Pingjiang Road — Pinfang Teahouse.

Pinjiang Road has been famous for the buildings with white walls and black tiles,and Pinfang Teahouse has added a “rainbow” to this old street that is very popular among tourists. The chef of Pinfang Teahouse introduced the inspiration of six-color steamed small buns which has been sourced from the local colored dumpling at Guangfu, Suzhou. The buns are made by using purely natural materials and dyeing white flour to be both nice-looking and delicious.

The green color is originated from spinach, the red color is from rose petals, the brown color is from sweet chocolate cream, the orange is from nutritional carrot, the yellow color is from pumpkin that is often used for making dessert, and the purple color is from purple cabbage. After cleaning these fresh food materials, the chef made them into pastry and then mixed with flour to create a fascinating “rainbow”.

Besides for the creative six-color small buns, Pinfang Teahouse also has other exquisite Suzhou style desserts, including the pan fried buns with great originality, glutinous and fragrant sugar porridge and small dumpling of red bean pastry.

Each of these simple Suzhou style snacks has incorporate into the mind and is exquisite and delicate. By matching with a cup of good tea, you could drink it slowly and dream a piece of my own old dream of the southern China in the slow time of the teahouse.

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