Summer tours are always restless due to the high temperature, but Nanshan Zhuhai, a tourist area in the city of Changzhou, Jiangsu province, is particularly designed for summer. There is no better tranquility like this for you to enjoy in romantic summer days, with cicadas chirping, streams gurgling, bamboos greening, and cool breeze touching.


Liyang, a county-level city in southwest Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, boasts well-known Tianmu Lake and Nanshan Zhuhai in China. It is surrounded by mountains and ranges of green hills, with clear lake glistening in the sunlight. Winding and torturous roads reach out to the vast mountains. When putting yourself in the Bamboo Sea, you would be given a wonderful feeling of embracing the nature.

Nanshan Zhuhai

With about 35,000 mu of bamboo, Nanshan Zhuhai creates a picturesque landscape and enjoys great reputation of “paradise South Mountain, incredible Bamboo Sea”. Walking into the vast bamboo sea, summer breeze comes to touch your face. Summer heat will be half relieved when you quietly listen to the rustling of bamboo leaves. It is very difficult to walk through the whole bamboo sea, so there are a variety of means of transportation to bring convenience to the visitors, such as sightseeing trains, the cableways, ropeways, bamboo rafts, and so on.

Pandas in the Deep of Bamboo Forest

In the Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, there is a Panda House, which is the home to two lovely giant pandas, “Hua Li” and “Xing An”.

These loveable animals do only two things every day, eating and sleeping. “Hua Li” and “An An” can sleep for 10 hours a day, living a heavenly life that humans envy. They sleep while sitting, lying down, facing down, and sometimes roll, drag their round bodies on the railing to perform backflips, or hold a bamboo and eat its most tender part, like humans gnawing sugar cane. As time passes by, you might feel surprised that you have been standing there, watching these two chubby but nimble pandas eating…and eating.

Respect for nature comes at a time when you feel the lush greenery and vast expanse of the bamboo sea. In the meantime, you can also feel how small we are. The inexplicable restlessness in our heart in summer weakens, and the summer heat also seems to quietly bypass us. That’s the reason why so many people choose to go to Nanshan Zhuhai in summer days to have a good rest in a small but comfortable place, taking deep breaths, bringing peace to both body and mind, and accepting the precious and gentle gift from the nature.

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