The 7th Nanjing Folk Culture Festival 第七届南京民俗文化节

On January 18, the 7th Nanjing Folk Culture Festival opened in XINANLI historical and cultural district.

Jiangsu Art Troupe’s 2020 “Happy Chinese New Year” French debut is a consummate success 江苏艺术团2020“欢乐春节”法国首秀圆满成功

Jiangsu Art Troupe has completed their performances of "Happy Chinese New Year" in fore French cities  successfully.

Yixing Purple Clayware Making Craft 宜兴紫砂陶制作技艺

Yixing purple clayware making craft was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Yangzhou “Three Knives” Culture Zone 扬州“三把刀”文化聚集区

Yangzhou is a 2500-year-old cultural city with many cultural treasures over a long period of time.

Huai’an Ancient Prefecture-level Government Office 淮安府署

During the Ming Dynasty, the Huai'an Government Office was the largest one in Jiangsu.

China International Travel Mart Began-“Beautiful Jiangsu, Beautiful You” 中国国际旅游交易会成功开幕-“水韵江苏,有你更美好”

The image gallery of Jiangsu delegation is designed to showcase the new image of the modern and leisure Jiangsu’s cultural tourism through the transparent and refreshing bridge and pavilion booth, which make the exhibitors and visitors impressive.

7th Season of Jiangsu Super Fun Ends — Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum Treasures 《江苏超好玩》第七季收官,“非遗博物馆”新解江苏文化宝藏

On November 11th, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism’s brand event "Jiangsu Super Fun" seventh season of " Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum " ushered in the end!

Nanjing And Yangzhou Join UNESCO’s Network of Creative Cities 南京与扬州入选联合国创意城市

Among the network's new members are China's Nanjing (literature) and Yangzhou (gastronomy) in China's Jiangsu province.

Weaving Technique of Song Brocade 宋锦织造技艺

Weaving technique of Song Brocade is one of the traditional handicrafts of Suzhou in China and belongs to the national intangible cultural heritage.