Temple Fair (Shengtang Temple Fair)

Stone Lock (Hailing Stone Lock)

Board Snipe Kite: A Symphony in the Air

Located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, Nantong, also called Tongzhou in the old days, is an ancient city with a rich culture. The name of Nantong has always been associated with blue calico. However, apart from blue calico, Nantong is also famous for another kind of handicraft: board snipe kite.

Follow the footsteps of Marco Polo in Jiangsu — 8-days trip around Xuzhou, Suqian, Huai ‘an, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Suzhou

Appreciate beauty of amorous feelings of Charm of Water culture in jiangsu.

In Jiangsu, People Celebrate the New Year Like This!在江苏,大家竟然这样过新年!

During the Spring Festival, China will hold a variety of activities to celebrate the Spring Festival all over the country, these activities with strong regional characteristics

“Dignified” Tiger Shoes “虎头虎脑”老虎鞋

In 2007, Yancheng Tiger Shoes was included in the list of The First Batch of Jiangsu Province Intangible Cultural Heritage upon the approval by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government.

Good To Make Preserved Meat in Light Snow 小雪腌肉好越冬

The Light Snow Solar Term, as a traditional Chinese lunar calendar, is different from the meaning of "light snow" in weather report.

Changzhou Banshan Books 常州半山书局

If there is a heaven in world, it must be like a library; If the soul of a city lies with the bookstores, then come to see the Banshan Books, the soul of Changzhou City, you'll surely love it.

Yancheng Tourism Direct Train – Yandu District Line 盐城旅游直通车—盐都线

People can escape from the city on the weekend to experience the autumnal scenery in countryside and take a short trip in the city!