Taixing Renhelou Restaurant 泰兴仁和楼

The breakfast tea culture in Taizhou has a long history, is doggedly rooted in the folk and melted into people’s life, while Taixing Renhelou Restaurant can be said as the outstanding representative in Taizhou breakfast tea community

Siyi Pastry Shop 四宜糕团店

In Nantong golden business street Yinan Street, Jiangsu, the first city of modern China, a famous shop of a history of over 120 years is standing there -Nantong Siyi Pastry Shop

Huai’an Wenlou Restaurant 淮安文楼

Huai'an Wenlou Restaurant has a history of over 200 years

Dongtai Fish Soup Noodle 东台鱼汤面

The fish soup noodle in Dongtai, Jiangsu has a history of almost 200 years and is said to be cooked by an imperial cuisine chef expelled from the imperial palace

Jiming Temple Vegetarian Diet

In the 1980’s, Jiming Temple began to have a vegetarian restaurant of various tastes formally

Braised Oilseed Rape Core

It is a traditional famous dish in Jiangsu Province and belongs to Jinling dish system

Lu Gaojian

Lu Gaojian is a hundred-year old shop in Suzhou founded in the 2nd year of Emperor Kangxi Period (1663)and operates raw and cooked meat product specially.

Yuhuashi Sweet Dumpling 雨花石汤圆

Yuhuashi sweet dumpling is a traditional local snack in Jiangsu Province and a kind of cate as a dessert of Jiangsu dishes which is of great local characteristics.

The Dummy Pan Fried Pork Bun 哑巴生煎

The dummy pan fried pork bun is a traditional featured snack in Jiangsu with a history of almost 70 years