Yangzhou 1757 Food Court 扬州1757美食街坊

1757 Food Court is the new food landmark of Yangzhou, which has just become the "creative city of gastronomy".

Linggu Temple Vegetarian Noodles 灵谷寺素面

In the beautiful Zijin Mountain, under the lush sycamore trees with birds and flowers, the Linggu Mountain House consists of several glass floor-to-ceiling rooms and a vegetarian noodles shop.

Hyatt Regency Suzhou-Yu Xing Ji Noodles 苏州凯悦酒店-裕兴记面馆

Together with the autumn breeze, all kinds of foods featuring crabs are served constantly and covering Suzhou people’s table.

Suzhou Haoxing Ning Fang Wu Bus Restaurant 苏州好行凝芳屋美食观光专线

And if both landscape and food are combined in a completely new way, how would they be?

Changzhou Yinggui Steamed Bun Shop 常州迎桂馒头店

With a history of one hundred years already, Changzhou Yinggui Steamed Bun Shop is a featured shop exclusive for local snacks in Changzhou.

Lao Xi Men·Changzhou Cuisine 老西门·常州菜

Changzhou cuisine originates from Changzhou, Wuxi and Liyang, and is also called as “Jiangnan Cuisine”.

Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab 阳澄湖大闸蟹

When the autumn winds become cool and the chrysanthemums are in full bloom, it is the peak season for fishing the golden claw crabs.

Yangzhou Shi Zi Lou Restaurant 扬州狮子楼大酒店

“Eat Yangzhou Shi Zi Tou(meatball) at Yangzhou Shi Zi Lou and feel the classic taste in Yangzhou!”

Dao Xiang Cun Moon Cake 稻香村月饼

The moon cake is round and it is shared by the family, which symbolizes reunion and harmony.