Water Charm Of Jiangsu · Tasting Jiangsu’s Good Food

Pursue the cultural charm of "most Jiangsu".

The Taste Of Su By The Riverside河畔人家苏之味

With the Yangtze River in the north and Taihu Lake in the west, the vast plain water network is densely covered, making Suzhou a world-famous water town and a land of fish and rice. As the saying goes, "Lake Su is ripe, the world is sufficient." This one party treasure ground can fill the stomach of the whole world not only, still raise the picky taste of suzhou locals.

Top 10 routes information update(2): Explore Jiangsu’s Delicacies and Food Culture— 7-day tour to Nanjing, Yangzhou, Taizhou and Changzhou.

This route combines food culture and travel, displaying Jiangsu’s charm in tourism through local delicacies.

“Chinese Style Pastry” Sesame Oil Sanzi “中式泡面”麻油馓子

The natives in Zhenjiang have three ways to eat sesame oil Sanzi: One is dry chewing, the other is water boiling, and the last is adding dishes.

Changzhou Shrimp Cake 常州虾饼

Shrimp cake is a delicacy, its’ main ingredients include raw shrimp meat, flour and so on.

Dongxiang Mutton 东乡羊肉

Dongxiang mutton, a traditional cuisine of Zhenjiang, is abundant in the east suburbs of the Dalu Town, Yaoqiao Town, and Dagang prefecture, neighboring Se-mountain.

Green Sky, Yellow Leaves – Ginkgo Season碧云天,黄叶地—银杏季

In this late autumn in Wuxi, one can experience the cool light rain, light breeze and warm sun, take a walk in the golden world of ginkgo leaves, as well as appreciate the mottled sunshine spots through the leaves.

Strings on the Yangtze River – Nanjing Eye长江上的琴弦—南京眼

Nanjing Eye is situated in the central axis of the Youth Olympics in Hexi New Town, Jianye District, Nanjing. It is the first sightseeing pedestrian bridge on the Yangtze River, which crosses the Nanjing Yangtze River and Jiajiang.

The Splendid Guangling Autumn 最美不过广陵秋

In the late autumn, one can find various gorgeous landscapes when rambling about in the ancient canal.